Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: The line on wine shop proprietress! She 41 years old still is love of the romance of green girl and old bosom sea that perform Believe everybody is being chased after ” wine shop ” ! Is everybody right ” old ” how to look? Just began to launch the verbal have a contest between two v/arc a well-traveled, the words mean more than they say, let a person be in flashy found full-bodied east of Shanhaiguan ” old flavour ” , saw so much market, small make up feel ” wine shop ” inside not only good play, still have our China traditional culture, traditional person ties of friendship, each collect is hated to part with look, each collect can be become classical.

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Did not see so classical teleplay for ages, actually wine is one of main beverage in human life, and China makes wine history of long standing and well established, breed is various also, renown wine assemble, be famous in China and foreign countries, this ” wine shop ” the wine culture the tradition explains as it happens very to reach the designated position, very classical, no wonder is shown won fabaceous valve to give a mark 8.4 minutes.

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Small yesterday what still wanting why to want to often imitate Japan to make up ” late night dining room ” ? From ” wine shop ” since showing, successive much later double net the first, the audience calls his ” of Chinese edition ” late night dining room ” ” , it is really, this teleplay not only show rich wine culture, return the friendly feelings between a person and person, and setting culture acts at that time incisively and vividly, according to reporting a director Liu Jiang Bingcheng shows realistic creation concept, beg ceaselessly again beg newly change, to produce the energy with new infuse, namely such defending what innovating is excellent make, attracted numerous and young audience.

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When does Qin Hailu appear after all? 1000 call out 10 thousand call out! ” wine shop ” medium heroine Gu Sanmei can go up eventually line, simultaneously bang, plait of fried dough twist appears on screen, her occurrence, draw the look of the guest in cafes not only, also let small make up be profuse in praise, look completely not to come out Qin Hailu already 41 years old, the feeling follows a girl in drama same, phoenix eye fine eyebrow gives charm, accord with the characteristic of female of east of period of the Republic of China.

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Wagoner is driving carriage and come, gu Sanmei sits on carriage, there still is musical instrument of a month in the bosom, wear weak pink the Tang Dynasty outfit resembling lotus is same quietly elegant, low-key not conspicuous.

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Wear blue grid cheongsam, send out the charm that gives sedate maturity, the color of simple but elegant highlights the temperament of itself, gutty and literary model ah!

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Qin Hailu can say is to lead gas field oneself, in ” Chinese meal hall ” in Qin Hailu holds the position of financial chief inspector, those who handle the work is serious, treat everybody very genuine, explanation gives elegant, intellectual, easy female characteristic. Be in ” Chinese meal hall ” in, wear a gules dress, romantic and dye-in-the-wood, soft long skirt collocation establishs the detail that receive, adjustable fine pull a string namely practical have adornment effect again.

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This also too celestial being! One grows skirt, gutty go vacationing amorous feelings, adorn one restores ancient ways again big brim cap, the grace of arc, show a piece of Bai Xi’s beautiful face, sunglasses and earring collocation are decent, only the United States laughs, very good-looking.

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