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Original title: Zhou Zhi if ” blameless ” don’t have? New ” lean on a day ” 3 big ” Ga is nodded ” , let a person must be taken!

20220208021158 6201d16ecf755

Without doubt, 2022 ” sodden piece ” check, this 2 edition of Wang Jing are new ” lean on a day ” regular meeting ” on a list of names posted up famous ” ! Fabaceous valve gives a mark, one 3.5 minutes, one 3.9 minutes, commenting on an area is to enter order extremely more, difference of all of one suit is judged fly all over the sky, make filmgoer bitter wait for long already classical IP, see 2 at a heat, give person sense true it is a long story letting a person, with respect to this? If golden lord child alive still, saw this movie, do not know his a respectful form of address for an old person to make why impressions.

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Of 12 Qian Jiesuo ” the network is large ” , tell us a fact: These 2 ” surprise ” pure belonging to is to pat the 00 off year after to look gently. Also be, just 12 money just, with in cinema fare ” day price ” ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” photograph comparing, wang Jing 2 an ability 12, in all fairness, this also calculates enough ” conscience ” , be?

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But these 2 piece groovy dot is really too ” hurt ” , let a person must ” spit for fast ” ! The word says, of Wang Jing ” Xin Yitian ” the gut of 99% and the version of 20 many the Li Lianjie year ago’s main actor are extremely alike in spirit, dan Wangjing this ” the god is made ” it seems that demon changes quite unusually.

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3 big ” Ga is nodded ” , let a person must be taken! Firstly, be like Zhou Zhi directly with Yang Buhui two female advocate close 2 for one, if Zhou Zhi makes Ji Xiaofu’s daughter, but the week that return a surname, yang Buhui became orphan suddenly, do not know whereabouts.

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Secondly, fierce becomes piece of knight-errant, namely Zhang Moji his dad Zhang Cuishan, a truly serious situation is serious justice Wu Lin as man of honor, for from card innocence, not complicity fierce is become and brave commit suicide, and the Zhang Cuishan of king brilliant version, not only military accomplishment loses to be no good, be chopped by others random knife. Dead, zhang Moji his woman, also not be commit suicide of die for love, however medium palm of god of dark the nether world, do not treat die.

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It is originally one extremely touching to deep, press the story of pathos of all corners of the country below person tear, however, of Wang Jing ” lean on a day ” piece actually by Gu Tianle dark skin and this dingy figure amusing, with the actress in drama the head relies on a head to be held in the arms together, form bright contrast, do this invite human sympathy why can?

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How can Gu Tianle become so black? Want in those days, be in ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” in, this is opposite Gu Tianle and Li Retong ” Jin Tongyu female ” the Jing that is what kind is colourful, how does handsome and threatening Gu Tianle become nowadays such?

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Comment of a god gave me to comfort enoughly: Gu Tianle does not want to perform little fresh pork, suntan oneself designedly so. Thirdly, it is this bit the awfullest undoubtedly, the most unusual evil spirit changes, zhang Moji is like with Zhou Zhi actually ” spring breeze for a time ” ? Although many people think Zhang Moji very ” broken bits ” , but also won’t broken bits arrives such rate, zhou Zhi was like blameless body to do not have, too damaged the classical image of childhood.

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Although, safflower greenery is not little beside Zhang Moji, but he also is for the person self-denying the honest person that defends a ceremony, however the gut of film, be he was like to overturn by Zhou Zhi unexpectedly? Must feel regretful for Zhang Moji: Acrobatics 18 years, in one day is defeated result! If be really such, zhao Min can need not go grabbing marriage, let this two people be fond of a knot not to manage repeatedly? Do not know Wang Jing to think how at that time.

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Must admit, 2 this of Wang Jing ” lean on a day ” , go up in gut it may be said is ” brilliant ” flavour is dye-in-the-wood, some kind of regret that male audience exists in origianl work was made up for on certain level. (if,Zhang Moji likes Zhou Zhi very much originally, but because of a variety of reasons, two people cannot love each other together)

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Must say, this one edition ” lean on day of 3 beauty ” Wang Jing also calculates anthology ” right ” horn, because have Wen Yongshan only,the Zhao Min that act just is ” all wool and a yard wide ” , feel Zhang Moji also does not need again kink went down.

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Yun Qianqian and Qiu desire are strong, these two Xin Li’s actor, acting modelling, no matter look to match the classical part in drama hard from which respect, do not have a bit with the TVB female star of old edition can compare a gender. (nevertheless the fierce of Zhen Zidan personate is become Zhang Sanfeng, model is mighty bully gas, hit play to have taste, who says Zhang Sanfeng must be ” wind of way spirit celestial being ” figure, is bully breath bad? Do not cross Zhen Zidan modelling also too bully gas appeared, more comfortable costar on the west poisonous Ou Yangfeng this kind of top class ace. )

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The word says, the TVB actress previously, can say each can say to go up ” horn ” , no matter beautiful, it is decorous long at least, in the quadrature in compasses, make a person comfortable, acting is one second enters sport more, wonderful, regrettablly nowadays perform art circle, find the actress that fits a part so very hard again.

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Still cannot blame Wang Jing at this o’clock really, with Wang Jing savour with capital, use the actor that does not have without him! Anyhow, 2 this to Wang Jing ” lean on a day ” (comparative 93 edition) , I can sigh with emotion only: Science and technology is in progress, the actor is in degenerative, specially good effect is in progress, acting is in degenerative!

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Nowadays performing art circle is not such: The times changed, tell so much ” Wu De ” work? In certain director eye, benefit word in the van, sodden piece not sodden piece never mind, public praise is good not important also, as long as the hit is tall, sell going out is kingcraft! Archives of 2022 Spring Festivals always as club for amateur performers of Beijing opera 4.1 billion, ” floodgate bridge ” defeat 4 days 1.8 billion, why Wu Jing is so unripe fierce this killer is not quite sober, laugh at a dot concentrated not abrupt, 4 large window prove: “Of conscience make ” when does Wang Jing become so not self-confident? 2 ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” want 9.6 yuan only!

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