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Original title: Wang Hao highs 24 years old of birthday are happy, have deep love for to death not change, teenager future but period Time is fleet blink to will ended in August, through black rice people the effort of a month highs for Wang Hao took chase after star a list of names posted up in August the good achievement of champion of flower a list of names posted up. Apropos 24 years old of birthday that September 2 is king bright a small room, black rice people also answer through birthday the opportunity that aid activity gained exposure of spread its tail and entire network to bring profit for him. Let us see what bright highs grow together next history!

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Because,the very much small companionate Wang Hao that enter pit highs is certainly ” Chen Qing makes ” , really this teleplay let him have constant temperature. But attribute a fault to its are main reason or Wang Hao high all the time the effort since, the opportunity is to leave the person that has preparation, having the acting in harden oneself oneself all the time because of him, when the opportunity comes, his flashy dot ability is seen by everybody.

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” Chen Qing makes ” the first work that is not Wang Hao a small room, before this he has in drama of campus youth net ” the youth that is a name with you ” personate Xu Yongyi, also go out subsequently performed teleplay of expeditionary subject matter ” Sha Hai ” . Although be in front the spray in two drama is not big, but the experience with believe king bright a small room also was harvested certain. Be in this ” Chen Qing makes ” although,send personate part of a villain in drama, but because he explains the heart road course that gave a person faultlessly, let an audience very much era is entered feeling, also can understand a few ways of Xue Yang more, love is short of namely probably summary. The appearance with the acting handsome together with of high level, such can say perfect Wang Hao highs nature was to attract not little vermicelli made from bean starch.

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King bright a small room is not like a show as a child, be in however he is 16 years old when the actor should take after just deciding this road. To him, actor this profession is special interesting, can try different role, see different world experiences different life. After the life direction that affirms oneself accordingly, he begins ceaseless effort, and use real operation persuaded father and mother, through art one’s deceased father be admitted smoothly by Beijing film institute.

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Besides act in a play besides, wang Hao highs interest of another large interest plays football namely, had seen him the vermicelli made from bean starch of small gain can discover probably, the style is special resemble sports rich advocate. For instance close paragraph of time the experience chasing after a star that he succeeds, crossed a bound successfully to hold the position of the explanation announcer of football game, let us see he regards an actor as the other one side besides. Use professional court term, to each player technology analysises, king bright a small room appears all the more professional.

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Furtive in treat vermicelli made from bean starch, king bright a small room is super and lovely, lively and optimistic boy. Have second to give vermicelli made from bean starch the surprise airborne vermicelli made from bean starch group many times, but professional group advocate to prevent advocate end affects vermicelli made from bean starch people the efficiency that does data to accuse to judge, kick went out many times, had a picture to feel very much.

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good install benefit to arrive now here, send a birthday the blessing together! Be thankful this summer encounters you, wish you are more and more handsome, play is better and better, restful happy event is happy, the job is further upward. Final authority did not forget to hit a list of names posted up to answer to him aid, chasing after a star is thing of importunate of a need, the effort that allows us to pass our obtains better result for king bright a small room!

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