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Original title: ” countryside 14 ” two branches Gongxing a willow, fight in 3 triangle nest, gruel of farce love agitate Regard a countryside as pink, to ” rustic love ” theatrical work of this minister life all the time pink arrives now, chase after now, but do not affect me to be in like while captious to it with spit groove. Like, love, seek theatrical work, it is to be based on a kind of feelings completely, spit at the same time groove and nagging also is to be based on one kind likes and pay close attention to, what common saying says is good, “Thin demoting is buyer ” . If do not nag, that is meant not attention, disinclination. So, to ” rustic love 14 ” the jubilation of this drama is very complex. I discover from ” countryside 5 ” begin to arrive all the time now, love this theme is be gotten by damage of Zhao Benshan uncle most of firm.

20220208021236 6201d194d0300

Love, it is a very good thing in human memory for a time, can be in of Zhao Benshan uncle ” rustic love ” in, be gotten by botch however so rare 8 sodden, dirty chaos are poor, peremptory one boiler sodden gruel. This among them love, from at the outset good, exalted, solemn and stirring, of the dog blood to later, do laugh, foul, of gray, of farce. Hold out a good subject, must be can’ted bear so by botch, this 3 people begin Cong Xiangxiu, Ma Zhong, Li Daguo, ” rustic love ” in much rare the love selection of subject with 8 sodden, dirty poor chaos. Popular show, Ma Zhong, big country they are firm disappear stops, these 3 triangle appear again came.

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These 3 triangle still are continueing in front the theme of type of dog blood farce, this also is ” countryside ” a groovy category in drama love big garden — trigonometry dog blood kind. So, I am in caption these 3 triangle, wraparound for two branches Gongxing a willow. Because 3 disaster have a person in prime culprit in disorder,be male. Good, that we triangle of blood of the first dog kind love end comes up: Person with power of Yang Xiaoyan, Laohu, king. This should be foul in 3 prime culprit a group of relations with the most apparent action. Why small make up the responsibility that wants a prime culprit to push Yang Xiaoyan to go up personally?

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Serve as this triangle only then the person that make tomb figure, yang Xiaoyan knows the disposition of king person with power and state of mind very much. Originally 2 people go up in the age, there is very big difference on physiology, this kind of difference lets king person with power do not have safe feeling quite. This Yang Xiaoyan is quite clear. Since,can be such, then your Yang Xiaoyan does not want to spill salt on the cut of person with power and demerit again. But she slants not, slant should go so intimately with young, strong Laohu. For instance, king person with power speaks him be anxious and when uneasiness, serve as a wife you should be pacified well and make assure, make great effort not to let king person with power produce misunderstanding.

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Ke Yangxiao swallow do exactly the opposite however, want to be built to oneself husband sarcastic comments, belt unluckily pay no attention to. Of course, the insecurity of king person with power is too exaggerative also, also caused certain allergy to Laohu. And fight back means of Laohu continues to make misunderstanding namely, be stimulated on spirit and threaten king person with power. In this triangle, yang Xiaoyan should review him the manner to person with power and words and deeds, whether too follow a gender. So, I gave Yang Xiaoyan the quota of people of the red apricot of the first branch in caption. And the quota of people of red apricot of the 2nd branch should be of Liu Ying.

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Liu Ying and Liu great foreword arrive now, still wearing continuously they are in ” countryside 13 ” when ambiguous. At the outset the elder sister that Liu great foreword resembles him with Liu Ying (is resembling of it may not be a bad idea to resemble his mother? I forgot) for and with Liu Ying and Liu Neng couple adopted nominal kinship — work to kiss drily — dry elder sister, dry dad, dry Mom. Actually, this is the Yang Mou that a passerby all knows. Liu great foreword wants to compare Zhao Yutian for certain on money more abundant and abundant, zhao Yutian also is compared on Yan Zhi more denounce a woman to like. So, the crisis feels when this lets Zhao Yutian follow 4 bend over, if face abyss.

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Need not say other, foreword of we great saying Liu is taking Liu Ying to go on the town hairdressing this one thing, this lets tooth of steel of Zhao Yutian be ashamed into anger, crunch with respect to enough, or Zhao Yutian also won’t be in early go up on the way surround Du Liuhong foreword and Liu Ying. Finally, what should say is a willow on caption, this willow is Liu Neng ” Liu ” . This guy is not good once upon a time, conceive the heart of be covetous on greatly to thanking beetle-crusher for a time, if not be Liu Ying,the woman looks closely, stop to a what big trouble make erratically finally? This because ” the ivory hill on the tip of the tongue ” hutch art contest, he is shown to Ma Laoshi had comparatived the enthusiasm of case, this lets Liu flower woman comparative nest fire.

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Because,saying on the mouth is hutch art contest and build superstratum line with Mr. Ma ahead of schedule. Can look from real operation of Liu Neng, he this is to have ulterior motives. Exceeded Liu flower woman already to the enthusiastic output of Mr. Ma can susceptive limits: Cook to Marie with one’s own hands make food; Purchased warm darling, report to warm to Marie designedly implement. This can be the treatment that Liu flower woman never has enjoyed, she wants jealous of course. From next collect premonitory in light of, on the dining table that has a meal together in 3 people, liu flower woman should erupt eventually, be like Marie also anger and leave place. In estimating these 3 triangle, liu Neng this triangle should be most break down first.

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