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Original title: Princely Xuan attends an activity, 22 years old wear joining together jacket to match athletic knickers, all show green vigor Princely Xuan is born in 1998, be graduated from Beijing film institute, the teleplay that will broadcast in June ” the peak that accompanies you to reach the world ” in, personate Yuan Qiuying of professional female explanation, obtained many people to enrage. Actually, the teleplay of city warm injury that broadcasted last year ” warm spring ” , the warmth of personate of princely Xuan place, had let a lot of masses that eat melon feel shined at the moment, girl figure of Qing Chun, very melting and lovely, more rich and green breath, be like is drama medium small sun is general, everybody warm.

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This, a group of princely Xuan attend photograph exposure of the activity, she 22 years old wears joining together jacket to match athletic knickers, all show green vigor! Princely Xuan the upper part of the body wore a joining together jacket, have alphabetical printing adornment, show youth to move feeling, smallish edition, show the lumbar line that gives princely Xuan faintly still, increased a few minutes of little sex appeal, the private parts wears black motion shorts, it is to bring infinite green vitality more, beautiful a long leg length the United States, skin fair-skinneds in vain, line is fluent, the United States gets envy making a person.

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Before admiring princely Xuan together wear build model! 1, without sleeve unlined upper garment half body skirt matchs plait of double fried dough twist: Nifty, the girl wore a frock that do not have sleeve in the princely Xuan of street edge, tie-in printing half body skirt, appear light and comfortable, skirt places the hollow out printing of the brim, added a few minutes lightsome simple sense, princely Xuan combed plait of a pair of fried dough twist, free land is built in humeral ministry, come out explanation of nifty girl feeling immediately, stepping lightsome pace, full girl vigour.

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2, the T-shirt matchs forked skirt: Recreational, bright look wore a white T-shirt on the princely Xuan of lakefront have a rest, red of collocation leaving a body opens fork half body skirt, with shining markedly of the eye hit scene, collision gives green energy, bring recreational model, faint show the leg ministry line that come out, added flavor of a few minutes of mature women however.

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3, dress of the falbala that do not have sleeve matchs high-heeled shoes: Elegant, clear pure princely Xuan wore a dress of the falbala that do not have sleeve, shallow V word collar, by a fill of delicate clavicular catenary place, bring a few distinguish simple simple sense, skirt places two side to have falbala joining together, do not have distinguishing feature, added girl temperament aesthetic feeling, the edition of cultivate one’s morality, fluent line, draw the outline of the appearance of lithe and graceful body of princely Xuan, terribly is attractive.

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4, condole takes fine gauze skirt to match head of double a round mass of food: Decrease age, melting and princely Xuan wore a condole to carry fine gauze dress, contain lightsome net gauze skirt to place, provide melting girl temperament extremely, combed head of two a round mass of food, more add youth to decrease age feeling, princely Xuan fancy-free one side is revealed, princely Xuan still wore double cusp leather shoes, it is very sometimes children’s hair feels character!

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