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Original title: One’s previous experience of harbor elder sister! Floret of energy of life of person of 27 years old of TVB boils eventually odd: Good by show of new theatrical work figure is obtained excite support The article edits drama to show a company: Jackson without accredit forbidden reprint, the new theatrical work that the person that discovery borroweds will have entire network complains TVB ” she her girlhood ” sowing in heat, and the echo is ceaseless since this drama broadcasts oneself, the gut clue that the ground sticks in drama causes the resonance of many audiences more. Outside the elder of the besides one numerous good fun person in passing theatrical work, the Lin Kaien in daughter of Ni of pistil of cropland of the personate in drama is same obtain by right of its excellent performance consistent reputably.

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Special in the gut recently, lin Kaien appears with low bosom dress rarely, her of great beautiful good figure immediately obtains the netizen’s heat to hold in both hands, also caused an audience at the same time people heat is discussed.

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A few days ago, lin Kaien is attending drama anthology when propaganda, refer when the influence of this act, say frankly: “Because very scarce, when I choose harbor elder sister repeatedly, do not have so wear. (oneself clang? ) when patting, do not have, because want give attention to two or morethings too much, just be afraid of expose one’s body, I am considered on disregard below, I exhausted power, the hope won’t make everybody had seen tired. The hope won’t make everybody had seen tired..

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Do not cross Lin Kaien also him speak bluntly has the show that leafs through his, she says: “I have see wire back inspect, more than looked, I look together with the friend, they clang, they cannot think of my figure is so so good, because,be actually skirt is small with close-fitting, someone else wore the likelihood to do not have so insurgent, because my itself is not poor copy. (added worker worker? ) do not have treatment, because skirt is narrow, center a dot so, skirt does not add worker worker. Skirt does not add worker worker..

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Give person impression sunshine healthy Lin Kaien all along, although be one’s previous experience of election of harbor elder sister, but in living at ordinary times, also resemble ” false boy ” , meeting more the dress with comfortable deflection. She says: “I am worn not be used to is so little cloth, safety of many somes of cloth feels bit bigger, I come out too without the consideration the effect is such, if I am like part of department theatrical work in that way 19 years old, I can dress up such, but myself won’t be worn at ordinary times these. I go swimming is to wear phreatic water clothes, wear Bijianni I am afraid of can drop with expose one’s body, the meeting is bit more low-key. The meeting is bit more low-key..

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Alleged and gentle and graceful fair maiden, gentleman good Qiu, beautiful figure of Lin Kaien appearance, more come out for many times with ” what love ยท comes home is happy fast give ” with play staff actor Ruan Zhengfeng interacts secretly, to this, she is denied again showing two people is a good friend only. She says: “Either, it is everybody cooperates together only, everybody is same a circle, play to take a picture together together. But why nobody passes me to follow week of Jia Luo to pat procrastinate, likelihood we too resemble brother. Likelihood we too resemble brother..

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As to choose occasionally condition, forest speak bluntly of Kane criterion and opportunity of circle go-between development are very small, she says: “Go-between following a group will be less opportunity, feel the go-between that be the same as a circle is patted pull can much obstacle, I am more low-key, before wanting to expose a person, do not want to explain so much. ” without giving thought to how, expect Lin Kaien is in ” she her girlhood ” in next wonderful performance, also hope she can be found at an early date admire an object in the heart, bless a blessing!

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