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Original title: Deep V of small handsome of new edition Nie ” billow ” give new height, this picture is too sweet also admired… ” handsome female ghost ” as classical harbor piece, the network motion picture that often is reversed to pat the nearest course to adapt ” predestined relationship of handsome female celestial being ” go up line, caused attention ▼ of everybody

20220208021420 6201d1fc1ec09

Female advocate be by personate of Gong Nasheng of Gu Zao net, the photo of plait of double fried dough twist that the network is taking a broken hair that piece has his moment to illuminate by right of Qing Chunzhi’s tender appearance when 20 years old, everybody has looked, lovely have clever energy of life, became a lot of curtilage ▼ of the goddess in male dream

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But Nie of her 30 years old personate is small this year after handsome, be gotten by gush however be a nass of bruises ” the Qing Dynasty that searchs to be not answered 20 years old became pure, surplus is fat ” ” as whorehouse woman same, perform bewitching to do not have evil spirit, perform a person to be enraged without the person ” ” near 120 minutes when long, exclusive window, namely ” large scale ” camera lens ” ▼

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So called ” immortal colour is worth ” , of lens of red without the net filter add hold, went up TV screen facial features and Yan Zhi Get is less than window, the second changes passerby ▼

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Want Yan Zhi to do not have Yan Zhi, wanting acting to do not have acting key is her the modelling in drama dresses up, it may be said is to comparative ” sex appeal ” ▼

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The Nie Xiaoqian of last version, inviting big long leg earns sufficient the eyeball of the audience is to be inspired probably, ” predestined relationship of handsome female celestial being ” old tactics is applied again, let Na Sheng perform a same road ▼

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The dress modelling that Na Sheng is inside, wear very mostly ” billow ” deep V dew opens forked dew career line, high to grow leg ▼ greatly

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Place all sorts of alluring sex poses easily, very the ▼ that grab lens

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Bits tit of in every case is again big, fu may expose his body personally, this picture also too ” sweet colourful ” but Nie Xiaoqian’s amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds, not be to rely on dew to be able to show expressional ▼

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The Nie Xiaoqian of origianl work is fine-looking female ghost, and this film undertook to original work demon changes Nie Xiaoqian is female ghost no longer, turned the stone that draws essence of heaven and earth into essence of life, even of preexistence or clever bound advocate ▼

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Although be a suit white garment together, but a person of extraordinary powers is enraged without celestial being, the eyes is curt ▼

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See the Nie Xiaoqian of Wang Zuxian edition again, up to now still classical, surmount long hair to flutter hard, leer is on the move, charming beauty moving ▼

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Show the amorous feelings of the bewitching on Nie Xiaoqian body is enchanting, have the feeling of a kind of empty Ling Weimei again, the man does it the female sinister plot that dump we should like to ask has so tall Yan Zhi, who does not want to be together with her ▼

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Although have the picture showing a back of large scale, also a bit not prostitution changes tabulation condition casually hold up person at aeriform, inviting after ▼ of not low however common says Wang Zuxian, do not have the Nie Xiaoqian of edition of small this mortal world of Nie Xiaoqian Yu again, take delicate countenance oneself, but little a few minutes coquettish, more ▼ of virtuous like a tenderness daughter of an eminent family

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The Nie Xiaoqian of Liumin billows edition, although Yan Zhi is very tall also, but modelling coarse, hairstyle is too exaggerative, make a person very difficult enter play ▼

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The Nie Xiaoqian of big S edition, those who go is melting and lovely course, lively disposition not quite the set ▼ of the part in according with origianl work

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The Nie Xiaoqian modelling of Yang Mi edition resembles a fox, evil spirit is too heavy, the fawn on that does not have female ghost admires and hidden bitterness ▼

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The morale that connect a person is quite high ” immortal elder sister ” Liu Yifei, fictile Nie Xiaoqian is not quite classical, celestial being gas is too heavy, without the ▼ of chilly aesthetic feeling of female ghost

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Need not carry the person that other Nie Xiaoqian are acted more, break up pat classical never mind, but did not destroy care of can of quality of film of classical very much now small cost, to attract eyeball, or is belle dew ham, or is demon revises the plot of a play

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After be being adapted substantially, classic work becomes ulterly changed it is good to want box-office good public praise, still should have an attitude, have sincerity, creation gives new thing, make the story that has depth more

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