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Original title: ” flickering bright tiny spot ” did you know coda really? The answer is in Zhang Mosen in this word Recently teleplay ” flickering bright tiny spot ” sowing in heat in, get young audience people like, popularity goes out ” should love to love Zhang Mosen ” this stalk. This drama is by Chen Xiaoming, zhang Pan hold guide, could there be by Zhang Jia, bend Chu Xiao, fu Qing, the person such as Wu Xize gets the theatrical work of love of strange unreal suspense that carries a main actor, leave oneself since sowing, get audience reputably, also be afterwards ” germinant ” later the 2nd good theatrical work.

20220208021511 6201d22fce278

This Zhang Mosen in knowing theatrical work encircles pink countless, but did you understand outcome really? Let today small make up explain for everybody well, actually the truth of story ending hides in this word of Zhang Mosen. This drama told about Lin Beixing to delete his accidentally the short message inside old mobile phone, pass through insensibly so winded high school period, sound very black unreal, knew Zhang Mosen afresh here, next 2 people began the life like strange unreal, 2 people are saved each other with the story that grow.

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At present this drama still is being updated continuously, this drama altogether has 24 market only, in newest gut, lin Beixing over and over again passes through returned times of him high school, touch by chance on oneself are about the university entrance exam, use the mastery of a skill or technique that oneself pass through eventually, adapted finally this spatio-temporal in Zhang Mosen originally miserable final result, still gave him the life that should belong to him originally.

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Not only such, in this wonderful brigade, lin Beixing was experienced not only save atone for, be in love with etc, more important is she still knew numerous intimate good friend. She also achieves what one wishes the ground fulfilled the earnest wish since he is old, became a famous artist, and the art exhibition that still held to belong to his. Belong to that parallel together spatio-temporal inside exhibit eaves, abandon with respect to that of Lin Beixing ” fiance ” the love that also harvested oneself, although the wife is a dye-in-the-wood tigress, but also be it is good to have attributive.

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And after Lin Beixing is sending Zhang Mosen to go abroad, oneself also do not forget first heart, abide by oneself first heart, became puppy successfully to protect a member inside association. Everybody returns to Yu Ping’s weak life, had a new beginning, but do you think this ends? You are then off base, think in everybody Lin Beixing’s ending wants in order to regret when wind up, another figure appeared, a lot of people say that is Zhang Mosen taking oneself regret to come back. So the problem came out, is this person Zhang Mosen after all? Who is this mysterious back after all? Why this Lin Beixing is OK the over and over again passes through go back, is she to save Zhang Mosen really? Can after still this Zhang Mosen goes back to the motherland from abroad, you be together with Lin Beixing after all? Not anxious, let our deepness unscramble Zhang Mosen to leave this word of Lin Beixing, you understood!

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When still remembering star of north of drama middle forest leaving in Zhang Mosen of watch sb go away, zhang Mosen that breathed confess ” I like you ” , wet whose eye! Love altruisticly because of this boy, because like you, then so the portion is full of a regret hold read aloud, just let Lin Beixing over and over again pass through go back, not be for other, namely to let Lin Beixing see once a boy guards the ground like the princess to guard this herself like the knight, let Lin Beixing experience ground of this big boy to love, but to finally, lowliness comes extremely, what be defeated however finally is penniless! Lick a dog to lap a dog, lick last without all! Although never be in her world to keep track of a silk, but the life that Zhang Mosen’s form is full of Lin Beixing everywhere, star of but forest north is proud the double eye of charming never has seen the boy like this knight however.

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But, this might as well, to Zhang Mosen, he all guards his princess to his greatest effort, resemble the name is frame-up, the knight with not suitable word, where to have risk, he is met for a short while come out boldly, guarding Lin Beixing silently, do not beg more, he wishs only Lin Beixing everything is well, give as to oneself the destiny goes destroying.

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Also be Zhang Mosen was informed Lin Beixing to be abandoned by his fiance when 30 years old probably, then the portion is full of a regret in the heart hold read aloud ability to make him new the courage that had guardianship Lin Beixing, pass through probably is those who come back more than is there Lin Beixing? Adapting Lin Beixing’s ending while also sad silence ground adapted oneself destiny, final time does not lose an observant and conscientious person, zhang Mosen’s low-down chivalry was discovered by his princess he tries eventually conceal ground shadow.

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However Zhang Mosen passes through in the over and over again in, he is guarded by his princess, one step by step come out once chains, finally he also the career has return from abroad, in make up for each other heart with the company of chief condition, then the portion regrets deeply! Who is the boy that whichever maintains an umbrella, this drama lets afresh again small make up believed love, also wish the world lover becomes spouses eventually!

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