Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Understand big ending is flickering eventually the meaning of playwrite of bright tiny spot! Understand big ending is flickering eventually the meaning of playwrite of bright tiny spot! Actually play most begin with respect to under cover a lot of detail, especially the first collect female advocate the newsreel that the elder brother sees, the explanation inside newsreel, it is probably ” what time traveler enters is parallel universe Icon, each other of every parallel universe is not affected, but parallel universe is likely consist in is same dimensional system, it is time system differs only. . In these different time systems, its development is possible reach the same goal by different routes, have different development possibly also. . ” couple is last the plot of a play of a few part develops, female advocate after passing through, discover a lot of things shift to an earlier date, for instance earthquake, her mom does operation, tall examination paper to change imitate coils. . . . Happen ahead of schedule in a lot of things in this universe so, changing, mean with female advocate originally cosmic development is different, and regulation is being changed, did not say I like you certainly this universe ends, it is female only advocate return Yuan Yuzhou, and male advocate the plane went up to come down alive in the universe that pass through, and notable is male advocate before boarding a plane, female advocate mom became an operation, female advocate after returning original universe, her mom also was to become an operation, the time of two parallel universes just is opposite on. # drama put together comments on person # so playwrite should be to want to say, the time system of these two parallel universes is becoming slowly identical, two parallel universes are in same space system originally in, time system and dimensional system are same those two parallel universes should be coincide, terminal when male advocate appeared!

20220208021544 6201d250e236d

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