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Original title: Ou Yangna just looks 17 years old of Zhong Hanliang of grand of graceful Wu Ji very beautiful, your? 17 years old, it is a very good age it seems that. Indicative multicolored, flourishing. Ouyang is for instance graceful, 17 years old, she is already red all over two sides, concert, perform the film, scene is infinite.

20220208021601 6201d26119705

For instance Wang Junkai, 17 years old, he already was God of the whole people, value of discharge, commerce lets a lot of elder Dou Wangchen not is reached.

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Look forth again, zhong Hanliang is 17 years old when the dream is to dance, the 2nd year he took an examination of training class of Hong Kong wireless dancing.

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Wu Ji grand is 17 years old when already was disentombed by the company, the 2nd year ” small tiger team ” combination happens, explode from now on red.

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We look 17 years old their, always see those applause and flower chronically. But actually 17 years old agonized, always by oversight. Ou Yangna is 17 graceful years old, ever was atttacked by the whole people, rot from acting rise to bearing, she says: Know the dreariness of the network for the first time.

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17 years old of Wang Junkai, countless hardship are changed day and night, he domestic background is common is in hard all the time, never resemble be the same as age person in that way, had had normal childhood.

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Zhong Hanliang is 17 years old when, the dream that father disrelishs him to dance is not quite honest, had had many denying with obstruct.

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17 years old of Wu Ji grand, perform to go to domestic repay a debt art road, everybody loves him in those days the appearance of cruel cruel, but he does not laugh, because,be deep-set really and confused with depressed.

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Aculeate flower, the fruit of acerbity mouth, this ability is green. This also is the teleplay that should sow today ” I wait for you in future ” to think greenly and be being discussed. Is your youth what kind of?

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This problem, had been experienced or experiencing green people, probably neither one person can reply: Very perfect. Green predicament, green affliction, always be thematic it seems that. The hero Liu high aim in drama, 17 years old his, have a lot of problems. Mom does not care.

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He wants to raise a dog, by ruthless Diss: : Our home can raise a dog only, is you look to raise you to still raise it?

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Without enough pin money, cannot prop up the proper pride that adolescence thinks then and light delicacy bleachs like others.

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He wants to buy double running shoes, out of court: What running shoes still buy like running shoes is yourself long?

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Want to be liked, but it is antic that male fellow student scolds him.

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Want to have good love, but female classmate also is cold-shouldered by every means to him.

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Look seem the best age, liu Dazhi embraces some, it is to be short of regret it seems that, whether to decide, it is to despise. Not good. Mud is not papered on wall, it is him to oneself general comment price of 17 years old.

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His with age person, also having respective problem. Family situation poor, father falls ill, support the life hard.

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Somebody is immersed in self-abased, honey following boudoir vies in the dark stronger.

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“Drop repeatedly belt bump, vexed and ceaseless ” the truth that just is youth of a lot of people.

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But although such, why to mention green, can be we always yearned for? Because of problem and predicament, always be green normal. But hope and warm blood, also be. In the best youth, everything there’s still time begins afresh, all fight can be aroused ceaselessly. So Liu Dazhi, he can be being maintained in 100 is mud later, sit the 101st times to the front of desk again, crying ” I do not do mud, I should go up wall. I should go up wall..

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So Chen Xiaowu, can be in have a thorough grasp after the suffering of the life, still can grow howl to the day: I should do a very fierce Chen Xiaowu!

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” I wait for you in future ” it is to unscrambling greenly: Even if in front it is a big rainstorm, we are met to the top of one’s bent drench.

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Even if,youth is dodder along, also do not abandon. Even if twist is ceaseless,youth is, also dare daydream. Youth is enthusiastic, it is true, be a kind ” living feeling ” .

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Let you dare be fought from beginning to end, going all out from beginning to end, want to win from beginning to end get along the difficult problem that gives to you. Drama is so medium, hao regression of 37 years old returns the past, think him Liu Dazhi that transforms 17 years old originally, go up from their body however finally, understood green and real implication. Either 17 years old oneself are babyish, however present oneself too Song.

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Youth is not an age, however a kind of state of mind.

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So Hao regression was become most the teacher that gets a student to love, spirit of his recovery youth, play together with the student, go all out together, daydream together, a warm blood is ablaze. Green, it is us everybody strides maturity surely classics phase, it often thunder and bolt, wet and windy, but want green spirit not to fall only, had drenched this big rainstorm, life can the sun shines again after rain.

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Is your youth what kind of? In the main, mix they are same.

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So late today at 8 o’clock, begin to chase after ” I wait for you in future ” , see that royal youth together, often leave indefectible.

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