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Original title: Open year of big play ” between the world ” open year of shortly, if life makes fun of Opened year of big play 2022 ” between the world ” be by Li Lu hold guide and hold the position of total producer, thunder favorable reply, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao presents as leading role to act the leading role homonymic novel of Liang Xiaosheng adapts this drama basis, this drama with living in north a week of city of some provincial capital surnames a family the perspective of 3 acting people, the life that the free and easy that depicted ten civilian children to be experienced in the place inside nearly 50 years of time rises and fall, showed the social great change of the world-shaking that Chinese place experiences since reforming and opening in the round, eulogized Chinese people is active up spirit and good human nature.

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Reunion takes the young person that the youth calls, be companion because of having youth therefore and, green precious mix because of it therefore a variety of hope very closely associated with each other, youth resembles bracketplant, condole is in also can open a peculiar flower to come in the air. The eldest brother Zhou Bingyi that green time is worth in drama is the delegate of figure of cadre series figure that the Party member is intellectual, party, he placed Liang Xiaosheng ” heroic creed ” and ” romanticism ” literature creates a concept. He is to have cc to not the civilian hero of feelings of Si Shiying male creed, also be what often be immersed in affection and sensible and contradictory conflict is fresh and individual.

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Chengdu of week of Zhou Bingyi second dare be done dare be, oneself him destiny is carried. One’s early years serves as literary girl, ground of insurgent, honor permits no turning back hurries off to passion Guizhou is a mountainous area, with what match here from Beijing hair ” right-wing ” poetic Fenghua is a spouse into the knot. When oneself are taken an examination of after reforming and opening on Beijing University, the Feng poet that sees a wall is malign when the green loss that offsets oneself, her definitely parts company to it. She takes care of her daughter abroad later, the associate professor identity in the past is not loved after going back to the motherland, become mathematical teacher to middle school of run by the local people, until children of unable to go to school of impoverished village help arrives together with marital Cai Xiaoguang after retiring. She is Liang Xiaosheng is in ” between the world ” in spend fictile from free ethics dimension one is had traitorous with independent spirit ” intellectual female ” figure, have the time that depresses in that to paddle his own canoe commendably contemporary consciousness. Zhou Rong has experienced two paragraphs of marriage, the first paragraph is to build the foundation adores to go up in spirit and have romanticism colorific love, but the trend after the truth that lives finally in recognize is undone. The 2nd paragraph of her marriage is the rational love with junior and flighty come out, the Zhou Rong of return home and once hunter Cai Xiao Guang is in dim the encountering in, greeted the dawn of love again. Zhou Rong serves as ” not free, would rather die ” female intellectual figure, its are contemporary consciousness is perforative also in the attend school that laying firstly and job, her strive breaks through actual arrest animal farm, search a variety of makes effort of the life that oneself want actively, it is docile to conventional woman weakness, a kind of challenge of male authority of leech on to.

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Grasping elder brother of week of week Chengdu old a knot in one’s heart is discharged in brotherly sister the smallest, stay in the city, go street lumber processing factory, went to soy factory becoming later labour of a taphole. His lifetime take root is in social ground floor, he was to place standard of ethics of folk of bridge dawn sound consciousness and ” good person culture is watched ” character carrier. It is here, “Good person culture is watched ” specific reflect those who be pair of idealism love to stand fast, of civilian friendship morality and justice take on to kiss affection with ethical standard keep watch.

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The serious woman Zheng that must carry in Zhou Bingkun drama beautifuls, zhou Bingkun’s wife. Liang Xiaosheng is in ” between the world ” in fictile Zheng Juan is a tenderness the tough, perfect wife figure that contains goddess brightness. Zheng Juan is different from ” between the world ” in other woman figure, what do not have Zhou Rong already is erudite much ability, the official that also does not have Hao Dongmei 2 acting setting, because of,her hangdog is born of Zhou Bingkun appear and produce changeover. . .

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The disposition of tall spring swallow in Zheng beautiful drama is bright, looked ” between the world ” the friend discovers not hard, qiao Chunyan comes on the stage, drew everybody’s attention, she is optimistic and easy, meet again gregarious, a piece of small mouth always can speak the word that everybody likes. Although in communal bathhouse such place works, qiao Chunyan also can make industry model, become the person that everybody can sell bathhouse an outer part.

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Qiao Chunyan ” between the world ” a lot of mediumer character nature is very bright, the actor presented masterly acting, be being caught to what terrestrial fireworks enrages in drama also is 5 stars level, go up century seventies end, northward city of some provincial capital ” smooth word piece ” the incisively and vividly that street building shows. The welcome leaves a message view drama is experienced, seek theatrical work together!

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