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Original title: TVB leaves next week sow ” familial honor ” , ceng Liang closes department doubt to be like broken ice

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” familial honor ” teleplay is cruel of You Huanya medium, actor manufactures jointly, liang Jiashu, old heart repairs supervise the manufacture of, zhang Zhilin, Yang Qian Monarch Yao, yellow grand like that, Li Caihua, Luo Ziyi, Xiong Dai forest, Liang Jingqi, Guo Zhenghong, Yu Yang, Ai Wei, ancient. ” familial honor ” complete theatrical work in all 30 collect, will block archives on Feburary 7 ” green shameless ” , in emerald stage archives broadcasts 8:30.

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” familial honor ” teleplay publicizes placard ” familial honor ” the Gu Luo appearance of the Zhen Xin that teleplay basically told about personate of Yang Qian Monarch Yao and Li Caihua personate is flower of a pair of sisters, same day marries two people Martens of hundred years plutocrat is familial, the husband is Ma Jiaer childe respectively Ma Yaozu and hall of boast of horse of Ma Jiasan childe. Old good boudoir honey changes sisters-in-law, grand occasion of rich and powerful family causes wide attention. Bridal that day, familial member comes on stage one by one, its are happy during happying and harmonious, the sister-in-law Xie Caiwei of personate of Xiong Dai forest is stolen with rare bracelet however for, gave Zhen Xin severity hsown by an official on assuming post. 3 brother greet across Martens however bigger crisis: Cheap politics government office pays a visit suddenly, take away the 3 people that are suspected of commercial bribery investigation, home Ma experiences Bei to be fond of double day in the day. Current and familial member has storm each calculate, martens counterpoises desire dispute grows in intensity.

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” familial honor ” plan of teleplay figure concern is small make up see ” familial honor ” the teleplay platoon in TVB period, the relation that the first feeling is Liang Jiashu and Ceng Lizhen breaks ice. In those days Liang Jiashu is TVB makes a ministry make chief inspector dramatically, supervise the manufacture of ” achieve a century ” , ” develop the sky ” , ” years wind and cloud-a stormy or unstable situation ” wait for heavy pound drama, the Ceng Padou be in power that the bridge clique that heads with Liang Jiashu and Ceng Lizhen head is the same as extreme misery, 2014, liang Jiashu suffers a defeat in the fight, convert extensive region inferior movie and TV, large quantities of bridge send actor to leave mew subsequently, barren of the TVB small uncultivated land later, female role, it is barren of old show bone even begin to show come out.

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Liang Jiashu (left one) with Ceng Lizhen (right) ” familial honor ” there is Zhang Zhilin, Yang Qian Monarch Yao, Luo Ziyi, Li Caihua, Guo Zhenghong on teleplay, , liang Jingqi actor of the TVB before waiting, still TVB shows a gleam of small unripe Huang Hao like that, this cast is the TVB that comparative, and it is the battle array that TVb makes theatrical work greatly, acting need not worry completely. It is a such battle arrays however, after actor cruel is sowed, fabaceous valve grading is 5.7 minutes only, what must be comparatived by gush is fierce. Lens of the age that groovy dot basically centers in the actor, scenic, filter, gut 4 respects.

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” familial honor ” teleplay beans valve gives a mark 5.7 look ” familial honor ” teleplay, small make up pair of above to 4 chamfer dot laughs and pass, ” familial honor ” so small fraction, for certain a lot of audiences did not look to be taken rhythm. Now are marriage of 40 years old of left and right sides very normal, the childe ripping green that is you 34 years old, had not married, is you had been used to many years old 20 strong president, appear on the market company CEO? ” familial honor ” the Shenzhen big plum that the villa that the Ma Jiasuo in teleplay stays in is play staff hire is sanded a person of extraordinary powers of Tian Lu curtilage, ever entered pitch on country two years continuously 10 big a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, if a such villa return your gush insufficient a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, small make up can say you only too had seen world. Gut, see ability have right to speak, the Zhen Xin of Yang Yi personate this part is really very scheming, very encourage annals, happy event do not like, each has his likes and dislikes. Filter lens is the pen of one defeat utterly of this drama really, this also is the compromise of the Hong Kong group that make to outback audience, from the point of the effect, of compromise do not comparative to succeed, male god Zhang Zhilin must be comparatived by filter aunt.

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Zhang Zhilin is in ” familial honor ” the modelling in teleplay the vermicelli made from bean starch of a lot of TVB thinks ” familial honor ” before be inferior to, TVB pats ” achieve a century ” , ” lofty sentiments of heaven and earth ” , ” storm of with a soft yolk ” , ” renown Yuan distinguished family ” , ” be richly bejewelled, small make up look, the feeling is not bad, ” familial honor ” actual grading should be controlled in 7.5 minutes, the young associate that likes to see play of combat of rich and powerful family was not missed.

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