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Original title: Yang Zi: 7 annual expenditure, after 12 years old become famous, can pat without play, luxuriant nowadays decay is become eventually when red female role Yang Zi new theatrical work ” boy of my Mo Ge benefit ” quiet silence the line on the ground, although leave,sow early days, the Yang Zi that serves as a main actor and equestrian sky did not make overmuch conduct propaganda, but once broadcast,suffer with respect to equipment reputably, person energy of life resides teleplay heat firmly to rank the 2nd. This drama is told those who appeal to is benefit of boy Mo Ge (Ma Tianyu is acted the role of) live for a long time in the forest, as old as outside segregation, by Ling Xi of independent poineering female (Yang Zi is acted the role of) after bringing a city, joint company, grow together, carry forward environmental protection career, of double bumper harvest of final undertaking and love energy story.

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Yang Zi, Ma Tianyu acts the leading role ” boy of my Mo Ge benefit ” of level of schoolbook of the Yang Zi in drama cry play causes netizen heat to discuss — the Ling Xi of Yang Zi personate, dark love Zheng of green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse to manage 20 years, pay silently all the time dare not profession, explore in what Zheng manages finally below, speak oneself feeling eventually. Be informed Zheng Li not to love her that momently, face about of her try to show happyness when one is sad leaves, orbit is in however flashy red, tear cannot help flowing, it seems that every make a move, the heart is shedding tear blood.

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Of Yang Zi cry play can says schoolbook type cries play a lot of netizens say, see this one act, what die without known cause cannot refrain fromingly for Ling Xi is dark love feel aching, the acting that also cracks type for her blast is touched.

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Of Yang Zi cry play lets an audience come to tears accordingly uncontrollably to the Yang Zi in drama masterly show, someone says is acting erupts greatly, but deliver this speech than detonate, review her act art road, with thick accumulate thin hair to describe it seems that apter. 01 junior become famous flourishing backside also has desolate 1999, yang Zi of 7 years old is in teleplay ” as follows gives mountain ” personate Zhou Qiong, go out formally. 2004, the couplet such as Yang Zi of 12 years old and red of red of the Song Dynasty, Gao Yalin sleeves the main actor is little subject matter scene is comedic ” the home has children ” , depend on this drama, she becomes the Tong Xing of a Hu Yuxiao. In drama, the in learning bully summer snow to make numerous parent heart fine model for painting that she acts, be be worthy of the name ” the child of others home ” .

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Act because of joining ” the home has children ” of the Yang Zi arise suddenly that become famous explode red, let Yang Zi suffer fully fix eyes upon, have bout she is collected along with the play staff to a school scene, come up against break fitly, classmates see her, crying ” light snow ” , surround her closely. Undoubted, this drama is successful, it let a lot of people remember Yang Zi’s name, but at the same time, she also was affixed label, because label is changed too deep, her play road becomes narrower and narrower, although be in this process, she ever tried to change play way, the trial goes perform different role, but great majority is cognitive to hers, did not break through from beginning to end ” Xia Xue ” . ” the home has children ” hind, of Yang Zi act art the career can say to be in standstill condition. Teen-age girl is worth adolescence, whelk adds the weight that rises suddenly all the way, label is changed add do not have so beautiful appearance it seems that, the unfavorable situation that lets her is very awkward. Be in repeatedly ” the home has children ” with her the Song Dan red of the partner ever persuaded her, girl, your this appearance cannot become an actor later, because you are insufficient beautiful, recreational group is very random you still are inferior to going back to learn well. Full high school 3 years, yang Zi lives in ego suspicion, she does not know whether she suits to act in a play really, do not know whether should hold to. She what do not have play to be able to be patted is very panicky, fear to be able to be forgotten by everybody.

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” the home has children ” let Yang Zi be known by more person, but also put on label to her at the same time to continue oneself act art career, she can act only a few countries make fun of or the war makes fun of. In that paragraph of hard time, she of play of the choice that do not have a law, piece performed a lot of roles that oneself do not like, when communicating the understanding with him lubricious diagonal with director and playwrite sometimes, also cannot get a response, great a long time awaits her is to act to go back at the same time at the same time cry. Now and then she also has had received female announcement, but meet almost in the head a week is changed. Have bout she and mom had left into group preparation pat, the result is informed of substitution in the evening, mother and daughter can take a taxi of two most night on the driveway only come home. She wanders in ideal and reality, acting cautiously art before going up, road is going. A lot of people face so enormous pressure, can choose to turn row, but stubborn Yang Zi does not want to abandon, boreal report chose when the university entrance exam, she wants to prove to everybody: She is not Xia Xue, she is actor Yang Zi. The turning point of the growing ceremony Yang Zi of having a unique style of 02 life turn, it is You Kongsheng, stretch time to direct, the war of resistance against aggression that partner Huo Jianhua acts the leading role is epic big play ” battle Changsha ” . In this drama, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Hunan of nurse of battleground of Yang Zi personate, never know well affairs of human life arrives bear exercise restraint, arrive from volunteer of student girl, nurse marry humanness mother, experienced separation and reunion of domestic great change, chaos caused by war.

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In ” battle Changsha ” give the Yang Zi that performs Hu Xiangxiang ” I just was entered group shoot little still girl the first day play, take pregnant sport the following day ” , of age span big, let this part be full of a challenge, but challenge namely opportunity, to Yang Zi, this is her expect long already transition make. When just beginning to decide part, a lot of netizens spit groove she is not built with Huo Jianhua, feel her baby fertilizer is insufficient on lens, oppugn her whether will female advocate rise and fall the heart road course of free and easy is perfect show. Also think even the director to be mixed with Yang Zi’s age even experience, cannot control it seems that the work of historical subject matter of such massiness, but after this drama broadcasts, the grading house on fabaceous valve does not fall high, be like tide reputably. To model Hu Xiangxiang better this part, yang Zi slam the door groovy performance, grind carefully the psychology that reads a play to fathom a character changes, communicate actively with director, playwrite, try a few new performance way hard. such, she overturned step by step ego, with brand-new deduce a method to gift the part is immanent the soul, domestic national condition bosom, brutal war lays to dead and unripe, pursuit and flat affection performance get incisively and vividly. Pursuit and flat affection performance get incisively and vividly..

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Yang Zi is used brand-new deduce a method to gift the part is immanent she says the soul, in deduce ” battle Changsha ” when, the level that uses a mature actor from beginning to end will ask oneself, this drama to her the sense is extraordinary, it is the growing gift that she gives herself. The performance of Huo Jianhua of old show bone to Yang Zi very appreciation, yang Zi of his Ceng Zhiyan is him understanding 90 hind the finest actress. Depend on this drama, she is picked successfully ” Xia Xue ” label, she in drama ” scamper cracks type acting ” the more possibility that allowed us to see she goes up personally. Junior she what become famous, after experiencing old doubt and ego suspicion, received the bright spring day that attributes her eventually, her act art career walks up eventually ” the right path ” . 03 perfect decay arrive to be become when safflower from Tong Xing ” battle Changsha ” hind, yang Zi acted the leading role the drama of movie and TV of another war subject matter ” old a popular rural folk dance ” , good to pat this drama, she was used full with great concentration of a year of time is devoted, with Wang Kuirong, Zhang Shaohua, Wang Huichun, lofty child wait one numerous actual strength a moment to send old show bone to take sport, acting erupts greatly, reached unprecedented height. 2016, yang Zi encountered Qiu Yingying, she that lively and lovely foolish in foolish the keen of angry ordinary girl depict, to behave figure of Qiu Yingying taking money more truely, she is in come on the stage play ate off 11 chocolate so that the clique is queasy, the face is in explosive condition, one day appears very overstaffed.

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For Qiu Yingying this part, yang Zi ate off 11 chocolate to send a lot of people to say to do not have to her at a heat necessary eat really, the holiday has need of OK also and contented gut, but she thinks, because the audience should be not fooled,the each second before camera lens can be treated seriously. Her effort is done not have by disappoint, this part lets Qiu Yingying Yang Zi is small red. Let Yang Zi explode again truly red is 2018 drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” , viewing rate of teleplay of similarly hereinafter period of time is taken after this drama broadcasts the first, the network broadcasts a quantity was to achieve more 11.5 billion, yang Zi obtained ยท of example of movie and TV by right of this drama heroine of energy of life of person of a list of names posted up of 2018 year general comment. She acts in drama bright and beautiful look for, with day emperor child the cruel that Xu Feng has sansei is loved, what face love and do not get is dark bear, her schoolbook of type cry the actor’s lines strength of play, asp type conquered audience, become those who perform art circle to be become when safflower very quickly.

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” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” in Yang Zi acting is performed to hers by assist, have deep feeling of vermicelli made from bean starch: It is obviously 90 hind, perform a play to come to solemn however ” old show bone ” , this is the biggest to Yang Zi affirmation probably. Pat ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” hind, extremely red temporarily Yang Zi disappeared for some time. She fears to keep taking sport, keep using up, cannot bring an audience newer sense. So she stops ongoing pace, see a movie, read a book, sleep, travel, do everything oneself to consider the business that do. Put the Yang Zi after sky, did not make an audience disappointed as expected, this she was brought to everybody ” dear, have deep love for ” . In this drama, she is Gao Zhi business daughter learns bully, it is the young woman student that experience loves a river first, it is to suffer fully chase after the net that boost red, also be melting and lovely singer, she and Tong Nian close 2 for one, she tells this the world with acting, yang Zi was brought up really.

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Yang Zi acts the leading role ” dear, have deep love for ” contracted the somebody on the heat beans valve of whole summer asks, why does Yang Zi’s play let a person in all affection and be enmeshed easily among them? Have answer of a netizen: Yang Zi’s acting does not have the acting of acting trace namely! Seem to sing in match program, some teachers can say ” I feel you are in dazzle ability ” . Yang Zi’s play, you do not look completely to give the mark of the sort of acting, so that you did not feel she is acting, you can feel she is that part. Go all the way, she is Xia Xue, it is Hu Xiangxiang, it is Qiu Yingying, be bright and beautiful look for, it is Tong Nian, it is Ling Xi, it is 1000 pairs of face that gut place needs, not be Yang Zi alone alone however. 04 first heart not regret is not lost have deep love for Yang Zi of not negative dream 26 years old when birthday, its atelier dispatch celebrates for her unripe: Shape numerous part with actual strength acting, handle every work with cordial heart, act in a play at you, just do not work, however the heart is mixed first dream. She ever said in interview, oneself can act in a play certainly very old, performing good play is her the heart is mixed first dream. We this lifetime can have deep love for a lot of things, but it is not easy to have deep love for a thing all one’s life, accomplish a thing acme all one’s life more not easy. But as 90 the Yang Zi after, accomplished.

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Into go 20 years, stand fast from beginning to end the Yang Zi of the heart is entered first since travel, no matter have applause, have how many doubt no matter, she stands fast from beginning to end this heart at the beginning of the portion, go all out for the times of king in discharge gave way of a blood. Nowadays, mention Yang Zi, what people talks about is the home has children no longer, it is she has many no longer fat, she has what black stuff, however the acting that her blast cracks type, the surprise that she brings us in drama and touch. Old show bone ” aid is official ” Mr. You Benchang ever gave her write a few words of encouragement: “With literary change guide popular feeling, it is my generation important task also, yang Zi is fellow encourage ” . Bigger than Yang Zi Qiao Zhenyu of 14 years old says ” the play that looks at Mr. Yang is grown, a when go into this illuminative teacher ” . Nowadays, she is Yang Zi, it is Mr. Yang more. Break up once more red hind, a lot of people say she is bright and beautiful carp, ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” take internal heat Deng Lun, ” dear, have deep love for ” take internal heat plum now, ” boy of my Mo Ge benefit ” take internal heat Ma Tianyu, but she thinks however, this kind of view effaced their effort, a good fun is the effort of whole group, they gave the effort of hundred, just can have today.

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After having gone through 1000 sail, returning Yang Zi ever also experienced the days of that paragraph of unknown to public because of Yang Zi just about, so she knows the hardships of effort, those who know a dream is precious, more know be approved to them character, it is important to have many. Ever had looked on the net so a paragraph of word: You see the flower has done not have her ankle, hematic be soiled is buried greatly by this beauty you do not know her barefoot to turn over hill to cross the sea, although be a mass of bruises,still laugh lovelily however you think she is to appear suddenly, actually she is to go all the way. Saw her high-rise rise, guest is much, what always think she goes is very smooth, but this all the way, yang Zi has gone through 1000 sail indeed, alone wishs the years that she will come to all the way sunshine, always nurture is had deep love for. Article author: Deng stay of proceedings is cool, one 90 hind old aunt, wish to be shared together with you grow the joys and sorrows of life in, the feeling in affection.

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