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Original title: ” be short of a month ” change movie and TV, female advocate calm Yuan Bing beautifuls first, “Servant girl ” the person is set cause controversy however Finish is experienced in 85 flowers marriage, parturient, after leaving other, their life centre of gravity happened to tilt slowly it seems that. Relative to character, circle of movie and TV was become it seems that nowadays 90 after advocate. As 90 hind the medium person that above average, xu Kai and Yuan ice beautiful have many vermicelli made from bean starch.

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Xu Kai from male deserve to be made, to grind press the actor such as Song Wei dragon, Nie Yuan, make joyous joy of be worthy of ” one elder brother ” , those who lean is an another department work. Although do not calculate,go up what is big ” discharge ” , but height 185cm, the morale of Xu Kai’s person with handsome appearance is quite high. His development also is be obvious to all ameliorate, cooperative object from before the character of colleague Wu Jin of joyous amusement, Wu Jiani, Bai Lu arrives Yang Mi, Zhou Dongyu, give a circle to spend taller and taller.

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The development that Yuan Bing beautifuls also not Huang lets more, although she is so much without Xu Kai explode drama, but ” coloured glaze ” sufficient establish her to be in the position of ancient costume bound. Current, two people the hand grasps much ministry to wait for sow drama, but still be in of without a stop film new theatrical work, very hard. Originally two people do not have what be mixed, but because drama of an ancient costume is contacted,arrived one case.

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It is reported, ” be short of a month ” change movie and TV, and men and women advocate provisional Xu Kai and Yuan Bing beautiful. ” be short of a month ” it is drama of knight-errant of an ancient costume, what it tells about is ease of day of teenager swordsman king, enter in all corners of the country a surname autumn water, Ding Yu was encountered to exhibit in swinging, the person such as Tang Bo, ties of a few people goes together for the good friend a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is generous.

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Border of predestined relationship of king day ease is met under, joined the world the biggest side grows happy side. Wanting to become the master with a generous a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct originally, do not think long happy side hides however kill machine, he also must deal with among them. Wang Tianyi stands fast so justice, smashed the plot that sweeps across Wu Lin, guarded innocent common people, became it is for the country civilian master.

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Although story clue is set, but a road that also is groovy knight-errant drama, such set and Xu Kai are in before this ” ostentatious ” ” there was a Ling Jianshan once upon a time ” in very similar, but blended in new element again, still let vermicelli made from bean starch expect very. From the point of gut brief introduction, male advocate Wang Tianyi is be worthy of undoubtedly is big male advocate, relative to character daughter advocate existence feeling is weak much —

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Female advocate green jade annulus, ever was a little servant girl yearning however footloose life. She and male advocate after Wang Tianyi experiences a variety of cross, went one case eventually, what defend all corners of the country together is quiet. Compared with male advocate, female advocate more resembling is a foil, the one’s previous experience of Ju Ya bun also suffers bad-mouth quite, if Yuan puts beautiful on the ice to go out,perform this theatrical work, certainly will more get dispute.

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Beautiful of ice of the Yuan before this is in ” coloured glaze ” in be pointed to to resemble a servant girl because of problem of the appearance of an actor, if go out really,act ” be short of a month ” female advocate, the acoustical certainly will that says groove so more accompanying her. Of course these are hind word, ” be short of a month ” although had decided movie and TV to change, but have not start formally. And the new theatrical work that Yuan Bing beautifuls ” bend city Yi Qinghuan ” still also filming in the center, xu Kai is euqally busy also. Be like two people to be able to cooperate really nevertheless, enrage an actor for 90 later generations together, will surely attract white surely countless. Recreational group needs too a few different ” collision ” , will brush piece another scintilla.

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