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Original title: He ever was become to China young vicarious, be become even if 10 old, he married the cummer before China young actually now Between numerous film we know, actor itself does not finish the link that has a few risk, these moment need are vicarious. But have a person he does not need vicarious, oneself finish all movements, he is our eldest brother that become dragon. Vicarious now this industry also is not so good do, answer to belong to act latter for them, do not have the opportunity that appear at all, more do not speak a name. In taking sport, not be to want to be able to give some actor to become vicarious, the actor also takes give his seriously very much when vicarious people, e.g. appearance, the eyes, the figure waits each respects a moment to have a demand. Also can understand star actually people requirement, what appear in audience eye to moment after all is him star. what a lot of people grow is mix now star very picture, when person of wh some of which is taking sport, there is his only in the heart is vicarious, place directs the result that perhaps stars they want toward short of before.

20220208021951 6201d34757ec0

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Everybody sees a picture two people inside are very picture, should say today this is vicarious, he is particularly successful, he is Du Yi judge. Liu Dehua resembles one of 4 days of big he and our king exceedingly. He is very devoted when taking sport, heart inside also do not have so much weight, got Liu Dehua so approbate. Prevent what Yi Heng begins the Liu Dehua that do from 8 years is vicarious, be done even if 10 old, and Liu Dehua is opposite he also is very take care of, give him more the introduction as far as possible a few fit his part, slowly everybody also begins to pay close attention to him. Remember once centrally 3 ” open the door big auspicious ” the ability in the program knew him, his sound and features lived my Jing at that time. Before compere introduction, I still think is him Liu Dehua. His fame also rose now, also begin to appear before the television with oneself identity. Most what expect letting a person is less than is, he married Liu Dehua actually before cummer, unimaginably queer letting a person. Current Du Yi judge love, nominal double bumper harvest, and also had group of oneself vermicelli made from bean starch. The reason estimation that his wife chooses to be together with him is him perhaps have the place that attracts her more than Liu Dehua, netizens what is the reason that you feel they are together? 20220208021951 6201d347c072b

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