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Original title: Be performed art the singers that the career delays, owner of organ of these days noise, who do you know? Between recreational group, the acting that people often can star with still has face, distinguish them the delegate that sends for God clique and actual strength, and between musical group, have a lot of acting because of oneself however too give a group too and be forgotten by people the existence that they are musical people, these singers often are having the voice like sounds of nature, but because be in,act however art go further more on the career, was forgotten by everybody thereby the identity of their singer, have the Zhang Guorong with our hep place, Zheng Shaoqiu among them, besides them, what do you still know to have?

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Elder brother Zhang Guorong, countless people still can retain a few classical music eye that he sings to now, but the impression that more person engraves in in one’s heart, it is what Zhang Guorong gives the wonderful role that perform between drama of movie and TV probably. A lot of people think Zhang Guorong is the actor that is delayed by singer career, his a lot of work special give prize, there is huge success in music and respect of movie and TV. Besides him, zheng Shaoqiu also is very famous singer holds an actor concurrently.

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Speak of Zheng Shaoqiu, a lot of people see his face, feeling is appropriate appropriate is big male advocate figure, and very few somebody can be written down he is so also is singer one’s previous experience. In Zheng Shaoqiu personate ” day dragon 8 ” ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” after the film of knight-errant subject matter that waits for a type, the label that more and more people define to him is actor of actual strength clique, and the singer label that forgot his body to go up gradually. Between the forehead that must say Zheng Shaoqiu, having the heroic spirit of an actor like nature itself, and the actor that his investment when act in a play also lets a lot of people think he is one’s previous experience of regular professional training by accident, to the actor that such careers be singinged by oneself delay, it is the phenomenon that often sees in that time blame really.

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And arrive now nowadays, actually also a lot of star from the recreation of singer transition actor, for example 1000 royal seal, Wang Junkai waits Lu Han, Huang Zitao, easy melt a moment, they are from musical career gradually transition arrives the actor career nowadays. To these young actors, assume an actor now probably these two words, go up in their shoulder too too heavy, but in light of the development route that chooses at present with respect to them, much dwell development just is to accord with recreation truly the circle is resident choice. No matter be the 00 Neozoic singers after turn,go, still be the 90 musical people after are hurried off to in deduce road, we hope each recreation encircles the discharge star in the center to be able to find the development way that suits his, the work that also hopes they are more and outstanding can appear before us. Now nowadays not only 00 hind impetus is filled greatly, very much 10 hind Tong Xing also is in rise abruptly ceaselessly in the center, recreation encircles the picture that the immortal fights to often see, and to letting a hundred flowers blossom now, 100 flowers dispute colourful recreational group, you more which expression to value? [avoid duty statement] if involve work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this station inside 30 days please, we will be in delete content for a short while!

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