Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: NMIXX of female group of newlywed person of JYP entertainment company announces a concept to illuminate! Will this month 22 days release a path only music

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Company of entertainment of JYP of Korea of dispatch of Sohu Han amusement before dawn announced NMIXX of new personality female group in official SNS today head Zhang Quan member the conduct propaganda that films together is illuminated. NMIXX is comprised by 7 members, assorted name comes from symbolic move ” Now ” , ” New ” , ” Next ” , the character of unknown ” N ” with indicative diversity ” Mix ” . NMIXX will give only music at was being released at 6 o’clock 22 days afternoon this month. Guo Mingdong / civil all rights reserved Mydaily prohibits reprinting

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