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Original title: Hangzhou perfect limited company ” Song Jiang is patristic ” film part the plot of a play is narrated ” Song Jiang is patristic ” the film already in November 2021 the portion undertakes switching on the mobile phone! Manufacture limited company of limited company of medium of culture of company Hangzhou perfect, medium of movie and TV of Henan velocity of light. Film is a movement, all corners of the country kind the film, henan is dinkum culture transmits limited company bear make.

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In gut Gu Mengqiu sees the kind that appears a frail scholar, it is actually one gainful, fasten ambitious unscrupulous merchant, be not waited for to see as a child unvalued, go to the bad of good not easy eldest brother died, always should be turn for oneself, gu Yuen got Gu Yanqiu again this illegitimate child cares doubly, this lets his gnash, shoot Gu Yuen’s chest till one gun, he just resents what be concealed in the heart all the time growl come out. Jiang Sihai and Gu Mengqiu are early with respect to act evilly in collusion with, this dock negotiation just is done bureau, at hand of Jiang the four seas surrounded port city early watertight, wait only killed Gu Yuen, the everybody that will consider father at hand is all encircle and suppress, one slaughters incarnadine whole port city.

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Gu Yanqiu and Shenyang Chinese ink after two people escape, leave separately. Return the courtyard that visit the home, what Gu Yanqiu did not think of to waiting for him is ten lever barrel to the head. Gu Yuen’s body lies in old hall, and him Gu Yanqiu gets hurt, the appearance that is blood all over, self-evident it is best handle. Gu Mengqiu points to identified Gu Yanqiu to kill consider father, speaking Gu Yanqiu is nursling is not an illegitimate child actually, he himself knows already and consider the home to do not have the least bit relation, but covet however the family property that visit the home. He takes out the will that considers father, there is Gu Yanqiu to accede above mostly commercial firm, but the ten sign one’s name that cent considers father apparently are forged.

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Gu Mengqiu has calculation quite really, he did not keep his name to the will, is bribe only the lawyer copied former will all the same, just forged sign one’s name. The fluctuation that visit the home not doubt has him, hope on the spot is in buy Gu Yanqiu wolf of this supercilious look, gu Mengqiu’s at hand is opposite immediately Gu Yanqiu is painful next killer, backstroke of wounded Guyan autumn do all one can. Gu Yating is Gu Mengqiu’s little sister, she is dark all the time love Gu Yanqiu and believe this 2 elder brother, she right now changes the resign oneself to adversity former days, when everybody besieges Gu Yanqiu, she makes him holiday wittily Gu Yanqiu’s hostage help its rescue sb from a siege. But but a great disparity in numerical strength, gu Yanqiu is captured as before, the superintendent of investigation be cominged round is caught to the police station. Jiang Sihai is informed Xu Dashuai and Liu Qingming to be assassinated together, stamp his foot angrily continuously, oneself are good build easiness backer not easily to be done not have so. The eldest brother that Shen Mo looks at him is so irratable can eye view bazoo watchs a heart nasally.

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