Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Pass Xie Na’s couple to jump sheet buys a room to will be sued check thanks domain of commerce of graceful Zhang Jie

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On Feburary 7, sign up for a report according to international finance, belt take a fancy to interpose H to explode makings, zhang Jie, Xie Na buys a house ” jump odd ” , with escape big intermediary is expended. Current, h already prepared to sue landlord and mother of Ji Xiena of the Xie Na that buy the home, Zhang Jie. According to the report, the Shanghai that printed in November 2021 is praedial in register, the obligee of this building is limited company of medium of Chongqing joyful culture. Weather eye checks App to show, this company is company of Xie Na correlation, held water in October 2019, the legal representative is Luo Zhengying, xie Na holds a 99 % and hold the position of inspect thing, seem effective control person for doubt. Check information additionally to show according to weather eye, thank graceful under one’s name at present in all associated 13 companies, among them 8 are the condition that put add, include Xie Na (Shanghai) atelier of culture of movie and TV, Beijing is joyous model infinite trade limited company, all hold directly by Xie Na or hold a post to be in charge of high. Zhang Jie under one’s name is associated also have 11 companies, among them 6 are the condition that put add, include atelier of Zhang Jie medium of limited company of culture of movie and TV of ascendant of travel of Zhejiang Dong Yang, Shanghai to wait, zhang Jie all is partner. 20220208024523 6201d94301500Thank graceful Zhang Jie

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