Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: The breathing space on abstruse competition ground broadcasts the winter song of Zhoujie human relations ” dragon fist ” resembling is to respond to Jinbo to silver coin ” lie Hu Canglong “

20220208024531 6201d94b2f809

On Feburary 8, the winter broadcasted Zhou Jielun on abstruse competition ground ” dragon fist ” . Jin Boyang is perfect after the performance before long, match breathing space, the spot puts a Zhou Jielun ” dragon fist ” . “I am right fist opened a day to change as dragon, move the land of country afresh fill and level up is interstitial, will Oriental sunrise was adjusted spatio-temporal, return Hong Huang to control go operating ” , resembling is pair of Jin Boyang ” lie Hu Canglong ” response.

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