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Original title: ” the city of time ” of female one’s previous experience of be the concubine ” foolish Bai Tian ” Rong Fangye, why is big ending best however life? The city # article of time of # Jing Tian / Luo Xiaoke ” the city of time ” gut is more and more wonderful, homonymic novel adapts treasure of blown away by wind of this drama basis, by Jing Tian and Xu Weizhou couplet is sleeved main actor, they are perfect on the best Feng Shizhen in explaining a heart of origianl work pink and Rong Jia. Say, 3 women make fun of, the woman that holds the home each not simple, they are wearing the modernest cheongsam, very hot move is the most beautiful beautiful hairstyle, saying the tenderest and pleasant speech however, take delicately change the style that shows family of large family of beach of that times Shanghai and ostentatious. See the look lady that is like gentle grace paragraph highest, although Rong Fanglin of old young lady of a thousand pieces of gold is containing golden key to be born to know free-standing self-improvement however, and the Rong Fangye of female one’s previous experience of be the concubine is worth while however fine fine article read. Well-known, rong Fangye is the be the concubine in the home female, her beauty is delicate however not Jing is colourful, as a child the full book that read a poem, disposition is kind-hearted certainly, come on the stage person ” foolish Bai Tian ” inspect already feeling. Why to of or by the concubine she of female one’s previous experience, is big ending married best however? Add besides the composition of luck outside holding, this make a person think over!

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In distinguished family of numerous rich and powerful family, allowing the home is the landscape that cannot not see, when family the look decides machine of female abdomen black heart, he makes the commercial empire that gave to belong to his single-handed, the business makes the unboiled water that get wind, concubinage of in quick succession is parturient, household concern is daedal. In 3 children, rong Fanglin has the temperament of the daughter of an eminent family most, the effort on Rong Jia is aspirant have strategy, young daughter Rong Fangye does not like to contend for softly bestow favor on. Although Rong Dingkun is heavier male light female, but as a child Rong Fanglin and Rong Fangye love of this pair of sisters is deep, they are learned and courteous, grace of style of conversation is creditable, in material rich raise next growing graceful.

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In origianl work novel, although starting point is high without the elder sister,allow fragrant bright, but she is married however specific volume fragrant forest better, it is a show outside intelligent medium woman. The Rong Fangye that is brought up in complex domestic concern as a child, there is innocent and genial fine however in the heart, she does not like to Faner is surpassed and vie, had done oneself dependably all the time. The most important is, rong Fangye never has him drive up to mix put on airs, she all along low-key and condescending, the heart is sober and self-improvement, learned to learn ceaselessly and grow, marriage is to break up dish opportunity, and the process of growing decay does not have an end however. Accidental opportunity, below the recommend on elder brother Rong Jia, she and eldest son Wu Yunchi are acquainted, two people left the impression of good profundity to each other. Life wraps up bag to turn later, although Rong Fanglin is outstanding conspicuous, but emotional a home to return to is regretful however, and Rong Fangye is everyday, received the favour of the destiny and gift however.

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The allied all along of rich and powerful family pays attention to resource exchange of equal value and combination, the husband of the choose that marry daughter-in-law that allows the home is not exceptional also, besides the condition of dominance, even abundant family property accumulated over a long time serves as chip. It is especially in Rong Dingkun’s eye, daughter and son are allied tool, can realize a profit the biggest change, undertake resource conformity, still can wish career a helping hand. And intentional and land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another flower does not leave, the inadvertently Liu Chengyin that grow willow, marital choice can of Rong Fangye is compared perfect, love is in reveal all the details, other it is to perfect.

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Rong Fangye and Wu Yunchi this comparatives to extraction of emotional deputy line, the age also comparatives, two people a perfect match between a man and a girl, suit all the more and appropriate, the course is meandering without experience, sweet all the time and happy, appear on truer than world of Feng of leading role of male and female He Rongjia even hundreds of times luckier! Everybody is close people, you how does look upon Xu Weizhou, Jing Tian, classics exceed, the main actor teleplay such as Wang Yifei ” the city of time ” ? The welcome leaves a message! Author: Luo Xiaoke, one marries the mom of Taiwan, everything what be written in Taiwan, hold fan at a review of a play of of all kinds film review. Do not forget first heart, from beginning to end.

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