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Original title: Special interview Piao directs Li Lu: 50 years of changes between the world, hope you remember Recently, sow before long teleplay ” between the world ” , heat is caused to discuss in each gregarious platform. This drama with a northeast and average household the life course of 3 acting people is nodded to be cut, showed Chinese society 50 years the changes like time brings a great change to the worlds. ” between the world ” adapt the homonymic novel that wins award of Mao Dun literature from Liang Xiaosheng, just published in the novel nevertheless, when winning award of cogongrass aegis literature, director Li Lu bring into contact with this novel, judge: This is a work that suits to adapt teleplay very much — ” have fresh character, have historical depth, have specific fact ” . “So old, the change of Chinese world-shaking, the city develops now such, economic gross develops so dimensions, unexpectedly drama of neither one movie and TV comes depict worker estate, no matter be the worker on peasant worker worker or traditional sense. This affirmation has a problem, lack this thing in the market now. ” Li Lu say. 20220208025129 6201dab116a8c ” between the world ” placard ” the audience knows theatrical work is good ” in last few years, from ” people’s name ” arrive ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” , li Lu hold the realistic theme work that guide, have depth, have ply, have detail. He knows very well, drama of movie and TV is created as building a mansion, it is systematic project, plan preparatory phase films than later period heavy good is much, “If direction chooses a fault, foundation hits a fault. The drama is very so main. ” ” between the world ” at great length of origianl work novel one word, the character is numerous, over or across 50 years of histories, to playwrite, adapt the earnest literature work of heads of such a greater part, it is a not small challenge. Li Lu is certain, ” between the world ” need, have certain age experience, have solid the write a play that does experience will adapt. Li Lu has seen Zuo of playwrite king sea create ” Chinese type divorces ” ” pull a hand ” , think she is to suit most ” between the world ” playwrite. “Mr. Wang goes up in affection, detail be good at, this is right ” between the world ” crucial. ” Li Lu thinks, affection respect, the writer describes feeling through the character, but how carry clue, the plot of a play drive will show emotion, want playwrite to make great efforts and hold; Detail respect, theatrical work of movie and TV is the hardest it is detail enumerate, above all, true detail comes from experience of life, these experience of life can be used only in creation, draw out did not have for nothing; Next, make up bizarre plot, be concerned about easy to handle, but become enumerate of trifling matters of everyday life brilliant old practice, too difficult. “So teleplay I am to value playwrite and play very much, if the play is bad, the director is again good, the actor is again good be no good. ” Li Lu say. ” between the world ” play, wang Hai Zuo wrote 3 years two, arrive all the time film middle, the play still is being adjusted. The collaboration of respecting and playwrite, li Lu thinks, the most important is mutual respect: “I did teleplay of thousands of collect, I too those who know playwrite is flimsy. In the process that invents in playwrite, they need protection. ” at the same time, hold total producer, director concurrently personally, manufacture the multiple identity such as the person, li Lu is very clear how should run project of a teleplay, ensure a purpose to be finished smoothly. “I am not a director goes PK a playwrite, however I want assist a ruler in governing a country a playwrite has written this play successfully, this identity and angle are different. ” ” opinion of following the sea Mr. Zuo is again different, my voice is told dumb also must chat with her, let her continue to advance according to the overall intent of Comrade Li Lu. ” Li Lu laugh says. Introduce according to him, film ” between the world ” when, everyday after knock off, entire play staff can be surrounded read a script, “Either 35 people are surrounded read, the main branch chief that is more than 20 people is surrounded together read, because everybody is enmeshed in this story very long, which play which actor’s lines which character sideslip, everybody can have a feeling. ” Li Lu is not constant esteem play staff the everybody the first feeling to the play, “The driver that the company often allows before me, finance affairs reads a script, need not they interpret a script of way way analysis, it is good to tell me look, it is the directest, final of course trend, how to change, still be I will decide. ” ” the stand or fall of the ability evaluation play that is not Thespian major, the audience had not learned Thespian, but it is good that they know a theatrical work. But it is good that they know a theatrical work.. 20220208025129 6201dab1a2843 Director Li Lu is true the play tamp foundation that presents transitional playwrite 50 years to be in charge of, next the labor of work with one’s mind or brains that the job is whole play staff. It is find a view first, ” between the world ” involve setting numerous, time span is more monstrous, at the beginning, build in the studio that everybody suggests Li Lu is in Beijing suburb scene film, cost can accuse, film faster. Li Lu thinks outskirt is in Beijing films however, from beginning to end ” meaning of within an inch of ” , still persuade holder finally, chose a route that takes the hardest: Want to true condition films. The play staff is gone to east scene of 3 provinces can, decide finally, ground of main find a view is put in Jilin, this increased to film undoubtedly difficulty. Li Lu mention lightly, said a petty thing only, already can from a small clue one can see that is coming: A play needs to pat the Xue Jing on long Bai Shan, northeast winter is exceeding and cold, the hill on the play staff, want dish of hill way of a long time, should shovel ten kilometers more one person’s tall snow, “It is to relied on tone to shovel the hill on snow car ability. ” and 50 years of span, the uniqueness on the period setting details of each time, art, need rigorous textual research, browse a large number of data. “The hard disk of how many T, replete video picture. Skin texture than what be like the damaged on a very little wall, which time wall was defeated is wiped with cement. Do a lot of very fine homeworks, of course, this is must also should have been done. This is must also should have been done.. 20220208025129 6201dab1d62c9 ” between the world ” film the spot is in switch on the mobile phone after a month, dishini purchase in advance ” between the world ” abroad and exclusive issue right. This to whole play staff, it is a kind of new pressure and motivation. “This films to us the impact is very big, we can hope, each each each camera lens, actor’s lines, play should have international view, should ponder over foreign audience to look to meet how, western world looked to meet how. I am not afraid of ‘ smooth word piece ‘ (the earlier stage in drama is main setting, ever was the village in the city) a bit dirtier, a bit brokener, but your actor’s lines, make, temperament and eye shot, be being taken certainly is not to drop price anyplace, do not lose face. ” Li Lu takes seriously very much ” between the world ” ” go to sea ” . “Have China of such a report 50 years the teleplay of big changes broadcasts in the whole world, can let the world look took a fancy to a country 50 years this to produce what kind of change, how do these change produce again. We take each sport, want to remind everybody, the audience outside wanting to allow within the country sees 50 years of actual flights of Chinese. ” ” ” between the world ” project approving signing up for equipment is 60 collect, pat cut first edition 88 collect, after compressing 72 collect, 62 collect overwhelm again later, become now piece it is 58 collect. ” Introduction Li Lu. Origianl work is actually long, the character is much, add time span big, drama anthology needs longer system capacity, this can understand completely, reduce drama anthology length repeatedly what is more,the rather that, square to drama for, it is very great sacrifice. But Li Lu holds to: “Have say more, without say less, need grows, do not need not to grow. ” between the world ” growing have reasonable reason, but I also do not hope absolutely of affusion, should I make that money? ” 6 months film, of more than 40000 square metre build scene, more than 70000 meters cloth lamp line, cut of more than 80 collect first edition. . . . . . Each number backside, be Li Lu and member of entire play staff hammer and tongs. He speaks, northeastern that chill endured 67 months in damp canopy, oneself are boiled thin, “I can not want to reduce weight, I want to do a lovely fat person, abdomen was done not have, die urgently I. ” ” if tell play to be inferior to an actor, still did not tell ” good play, the good group that make, also be worth good actor naturally. ” between the world ” in, famous have a last name have more than 100 parts, main actor more each is the actual strength clique with industry and accepted audience. Li Lu is what a few main actors in drama say ” 4 Liang Bazhu ” : “4 bridge, 4 act the leading role, thunder favorable reply, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao these 4, which it is a key link. 8 column are very fierce, sa Rina, Song Chunli, Yu Zhen, fourth Yong Dai. . . . . . It is good actor completely. ” Li Lu sighs: “You see 50 actors in our placard, very orderly, saying nowadays is a simple word only, look for an actor at that time but tired suffering. Want a so fine actor, all of a play arrives please, that is too difficult. ” to this work, actors also threw total energy and major to spend really. Li Lu is recollected, ” between the world ” as a result of group resemble show, the actor is much, after offerring rest tent get through, two big those who sit is an actor completely. “The atmosphere of the play staff is good, do not have so much thing, act in a play well. A lot of person comes explore class Jing was worn, actors have house car not to go up, camera lens follows the interval between camera lens, be in tent there make fun of a little, wait for next camera lens. Everybody communication chance is much, common a few accumulate came, the word is touched, play goes, scintilla came out. ” the wonderful extemporaneous play in having a lot of theatrical work. 20220208025130 6201dab20bd80 ” between the world ” stage photo, grasping elder brother of week of personate of thunder favorable reply ” between the world ” in, zhou Bingkun of Zhou Jiasan’s son, it is a very main character. Thunder favorable reply this guileless lovely part is modelled extremely authoritatively. Li Lu is not the performance that often approves him: “Good actor is ‘ perform what to resemble what ‘ 4 words, have a lot of big wrist acted all one’s life, it is to perform him himself, it is to give the first part to act all one’s life in that way forever. Thunder favorable reply is not, ” exploit ” and ” Chang’an 12 time ” I looked, the feeling is two people completely, include this Zhou Bingkun, this models the character’s ability namely. ” Li Lu expresses, be in ” between the world ” a field, as the director, he does not tell joke easily. “They are their age Duan Li’s very fine actors, I tell joke rarely, because the family is too outstanding, they are to perform a character only, also ponder over this one character only, the director thinks everybody content, so their reflection, compare my careful for certain. They are this individual content is already elaborative go designing. If you tell what play tells not as more advanced as them, were not told. But if you do not have the fundamental key of this this figure that considers by me, play,come, then we must say. Then we must say.. 20220208025130 6201dab24632e ” between the world ” stage photo, zhou Bingyi of Xin Baiqing personate ” we forget too easily ” in ” between the world ” before, two Li Lu’s closest work are respectively ” people’s name ” and ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” . Successive 3 work, it is to have humanitarian care, have the work of social topic, also be general quantity at the same time, tall difficulty, tall ” risk ” work. Li Lu is avowed, to creation, he has him ” the mission feels ” : “I miss the work that do, it is the society of attention person, attention, development that pays close attention to a times and changes certainly. ” ” I am work hard life, have a few simple theme, do not want to do. ” before countless off-the-peg projects, play sends Li Lu the face, he is not willing to do, must oneself from 0 begin, the long time on the flower, him hatch considers the item that make. He has his theory: “Still want to want, by what good play can be turn for your hand to go up, another, they say be good play, I see may not is good play. Still have, the thing that others does, how don’t I also want to convey certainly. ” ” the mission feels ” 3 words, it is very easy to say, it is very difficult to be done. 5 years ago, li Lu bought a very good earnest literature work, but sought circuit write a play, nobody dare be written, platform respect is to be not valued more. Explode in those days even red hot drama ” people’s name ” , the play takes some TV station to make component before, grading is ” in below ” . Li Lu mentions this thing, explain: “The play of Zhou Mei dark, it is an adjective is done not have, he does not write an adjective to you, of everybody play a way different, he is to write a dialogue completely. So I call week Mei Sen, read aloud to them, read aloud everybody to understand among them deep desire, understand every specific situation, the play of every part feels. ” in Li Lu insist to fall, had ” people’s name ” successful, “Bone of a lot of old show and drama saw a few opportunities, dispel the clouds and see the sun-restore justice, investment business also dare be cast, the company also wanted to do, because it feels,have the market. ” Li Lu thinks, ” between the world ” same also, can give a few do of drama, the movie and TV of earnest perhaps literature is adapted a bit ” sunshine ” . However, choose at that time ” between the world ” when doing movie and TV to adapt, li Lu still faced a lot of paying no attention to to solve, “Why so much subject matter is not chosen, choose ” between the world ” ? ” ” Liang Xiaosheng has feelings of bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of humankind inside the writer, to the change with Chinese so old common people, life, to national destiny, he is to send what care from the heart. Old person of many years old 70, won’t go ‘ performance ‘ of this kind of thing, so direct map goes to his reflection and humanness in his work. ” Li Lu say. Li Lu ask a question: Our exceedingly is vivid now, rely on ticket of cloth coupon, flesh, food coupon with the past, one person reachs every month two jins of porky are supplied, how many years to lie between when this ability? The age that fastens the home to have a meal to need not greet sb reachs between past neighborhood, arrive to be lived in greatly now in a building each other is not acquainted, how many years to lie between when this ability? “We forgot too easily, what change did the world produce? Why to have such change? What do we need to call? The likelihood looks ” between the world ” , everybody can have unscramble and comprehend. ” ” 3 acting people appeared in our story, urban construction, old appearance of the country is changed new colour, economic gross arrives now the whole world the 2nd, these things are to rely on a few acting people mutual understanding follows altruistic pay ability to go to today. The effort of this 3 acting people, brought up the tremendous change that allows the China that the world fixes eyes upon 50 this years. ” Li Lu takes give an example of Zhou Jiafu’s mother, marry a few carry, get together to leave less much, father assists southwest 3 lines construction, visit his family 3 years, the 8 years longest did not come home, “What does that call marriage? That child must happen how old change, how many does life have 8 years? They made tremendous sacrifice for national development. ” and Zhou Jia’s story, to broad China audience, have general comfortable sex, the story of can deep resonance. These times stories, li Lu hopes everybody remembers. 20220208025130 6201dab28d912 ” between the world ” stage photo ” pat good theatrical work to be able to attract a youth ” and to Li Lu’s individual, he considers expression most, it is to go up century 889 time, be worth in those days when he is young. “Reforming and opening began, all sorts of literature thoughts, make our impression particularly deep, also affect Chinese development. Of course we describe these incident without sedulous ground, in the final analysis or the position that keep a person to fall in specific period and specific story. ” ” between the world ” the hope lets people ” remember ” , do not have however ” admire inspect ” or ” look down at ” any anybody, timeses. “It is smooth inspecting taletelling. ” Li Lu, “Every generation person, must live to want happy, fasten so heavy, I do not think Jiaohua, think a history is true pat with brilliant old practice. Watch this show together with the family member, can saying come off sentry duty of your mother’s brother with you is in those days such, your aunt deal the first pail of gold is such, when your pa goes to school, be such, that is clearly in eye. ” resemble ” between the world ” the work that this kind of time feels dye-in-the-wood, total meeting somebody quizs, how should stick close youth? Li Lu gave out an answer that holds out cruel: “I just do not go press close to. ” ” I did not say, I should go ‘ capture ‘ who. That is you the thing is bad, you just need ‘ capture ‘ who. ” people’s name ” when broadcasting, pupil is using potato the setting that imitates a RMB to stick one wall, an anti-corruption drama, pupil looks, showing age layer is a problem far from. ” Li Lu thinks, outstanding teleplay is alleged ” broken circle ” , because caused culture incident,be, “No matter be ” people’s name ” , or ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” , caused the billows of culture, also I go after this all the time. ” Li Lu expresses, had asked the youth is right ” between the world ” the cause that be interested, “They say, want to treat the condition that father mother lives in those days, still having the past after all is what appearance. Even before thunder favorable reply receives this show, to him pa discusses this project, his father says you must act, perform us to look. The youth can have a kind, follow decoded state of mind to past time dug, not be to say, can complete disinclination. How to attract a youth? We pat good theatrical work to attract a youth. ” ” do not underestimate any generation youths, 80 hind do not underestimate 90 hind, 90 hind do not underestimate 00 hind. First come to an agreement or understanding is not good-looking, never mention it you are much more advanced, good-looking look, not good-looking again ‘ advanced ‘ the someone does not look. ” Li Lu emphasizes.

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