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Original title: 5 personate include check the part of blue sky, does he grow so that mix unexpectedly is Di Renjie same? 1, Jin Chaoqun, from 1993 ” the bag as just judge ” begin, arrive from the back ” new package as just judge ” , ” Tian Shizhong thoroughfares ” , ” make one’s rounds of bag be away on official business ” , ” Bao Gongji case ” , ” 07 edition wrap blue sky newly ” , ” a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that wraps blue sky 5 justice ” , ” the loyalty of blood shed in a just cause that includes blue sky ” , ” wrap blue sky unseal strange case ” . In all more than 700 collect. Classical medium classical!

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2, summer vacation time needs some wraps blue sky — Zhou Jie. 0 years ” the teenager wraps blue sky ” , bao Qing the style of crack a criminal case south Tian Heke is united in wedlock, add the divine expression of outstanding elder brother, this drama with respect to fire. But this also is very much 80, the 90 childhood after.

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3, optimal wraps blue sky — Liu Yi, ” the teenager wraps blue sky 2 ” . Although this day that wrap blueness continued Zhou Jie’s style, but it is the idealest however the most reasonable bag as just judge. A healthy atmosphere, at the same time handsome, without too much whole a legendary venomous insect. In the quadrature in compasses, do not break again in gravity artistic. Of the teacher that compare gold more close to favor.

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4, edition of surname a surname wraps blue sky. The day wrapping blueness of this edition and golden teacher is contemporaneous almost go out, the master performs the likelihood much, this has taste of very thick a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, but also be classical. 5, with Di Renjie exactly like the bag as just judge — Liang Guanhua. Teleplay ” 5 rat are troubled by Tokyo ” . No matter angle looks from which,this bag as just judge is Di Renjie, the surname adult of bridge teacher is too thorough perhaps popular feeling, so divine explore is performed such.

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