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Original title: Abundant peach CCTV blows hard ” between the world ” bully screen closes inspect heat violent wind to rise the first cruel sweet Cp sense respect

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The realistic theme that presents as leading role to act the leading role by thunder favorable reply, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao is big drama ” between the world ” CCTV archives of a gold, love is strange art heat up continuously sow, leave oneself since sowing ” between the world ” close inspect data successively violent wind rises, exalted a list of names posted up is onefold district at the head. Sow CCTV head sowed viewing rate to defeat that day 1% , CSM whole nation closes inspect and weak market closes inspect achieve CCTV-1 nearly 3 years teleplay is new tall. New movie and TV of TV of cruel cloud, joyous net, people, cat eye, Dedawen, Vlinkage, beacon, cloud closes, bone wait for a list of names posted up of platform drama anthology coronal of single consecutive day, love is strange the heat inside art station is broken 8000, behead obtains sheet of teleplay a list of names posted up head of a list of names posted up.

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Besides close to inspect and broadcast data exceedingly good, the public praise of this drama also goes tall continuously with discussion lung-power, abundant the part Zheng beautiful of peach place personate appeared to cause wide attention especially, “Be rectified to defeat by the Zheng Juan that Yan Tao performs prevented ” , ” Zheng Juan is mole of the vermilion between the world ” , ” Yan Tao asks a netizen bearer is worldly take sugarcoated haws on a stick ” , ” Yan Tao’s person, detonate gregarious media. Netizen at the same time good beauty of exclaim abundant peach comes on the stage take romantic Bgm oneself, feel distressed at the same time Zheng beautiful one’s life experience is rough tough self-improvement, the glamour place that is her is convinced. Zheng beautifuls with Zhou Bingkun Yue of two affection photograph hinders however at reality a variety of block v/arc find it difficult to do sth say to love with the mouth, this moment is to look be like inside the Zheng Juan with careful collect moves toward grasping elder brother actively, to him confess is displayed on the kiss that hold a face in both hands, after that Zhou Bingkun also calm bright intention, two talents eventually amour dictum. The audience that seek theatrical work is held for them broke the heart wishs to be gotten into screen to press a head they are together, see Cp comes true excited hit Call, “Roll cake couple delivers in syrup quickly, let us beautiful happy ~ “

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” between the world ” opened the synchronism after sowing to open a topic ” Zheng Juan’s mailbox ” , the netizen leaves a message amount to hundreds, “Zheng Juan cheats the heart of the audience and tear, let us change as your mood, all these cannot leave outstanding actress abundant a peach-shaped thing, the soul that thanked you to walk into Zheng Juan ” , “Zheng Juan can say common cannot enough again common, go up in her body just about however, show an a variety of goodness of a female, the power that transmits a female ” . . . . . . Yan Tao is deduced through his gave Zheng Juan more glaring window, this part is common and rather than is ordinary, she is OK a person papers 800 carton to feed his, little brother and son 3 people, the week mother that also can walk into Home Zhou to take care of lie in bed not to wake when Zhou Bingkun one person alone cannot saving the situation and little unfriended , handle chore busy in busy outside never project oneself. Thing gain sells successfully below the help of good intention aunt money hind in the market, zheng Juan gave family person happily to buy a gift, considerate also and close ground hands aunt appreciates cost, zhou Bingkun asks why she didn’t buy pron any thing to oneself, zheng Juan just says to whats are short of and take great to say slightly ” the Qian Zhen that him flower earns is delighted ” . Will all feel sad alone hidden Zheng Juan agrees with their postnuptial in Zhou Fu ” let Zheng Juan be upset by unkindness ” and contented broken prevent, fine-looking it is Zheng Juan only get on a when the eye has least of all in numerous advantage personally, the disposition that she uses herself and actual strength capture the heart of the audience.

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In the gut that is about to broadcast, grasping elder brother and week father come into being contradiction when part, home Zhou faces the life again after brief reunion major transition, how will Zheng Juan face these challenges? Let us lock up calm CCTV together archives of a gold, love is strange art 21:30 newer content, expect wonderful performance of Yan Tao!

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