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Original title: He is famous country one stage actor, with wife love each other 52 years 0 red are heard, the son also is well-known actress Mention brillant, the first thinks of, it is his most classic work certainly ” the rod that make a dog ” . The making it may be said of this teleplay is the intention that comparative, light is to invest to be as high as 1.4 100 million, refresh record. Besides the intention of play staff and director, producer, also having the actor’s effort. Besides ” on the west travel notes ” , namely the journey of find a view of this teleplay is as long as thousands of kilometer.

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Although brillant amid is not the first leading role, it is a part that the audience likes most however. Regard an old brand with old way as the actor, brillant acting is done not have so that say, everybody assist he good. ” country the title of ” of one stage actor, more billow does not get undeserved reputation.

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This year 78 years old brillant, 17 years old go out, performing art circle to feel climb boil made most all one’s life. With Li Xuejian, he also is go to screen from the arena of the modern drama. Just compare with Li Xuejian, brillant want a few more lucky gas. In modern drama group, li Xuejian made supporting rule of 10 years, when having, an actor’s lines is done not have. Brillant what rise however is very fast, the actor is become in group of modern drama of national defence of Kunming military region, did not accomplish the position of deputy regimental commander a few years. Was gone to by tone again later film actor troupe holds the position of colonel on the west, those who see his ability is outstanding.

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Piece act ” blue sky go up again ” when, brillant already 53 years old, of the same age broadcasts ” Kong Fansen ” more let him prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red. Took the many optimal hero such as golden pheasant award, 100 beautiful award by right of this teleplay award. Pass fifty years old to just have his moment, someone says he is great minds mature slowly. Not be actually, have his moment brillantly, just just meet meantime.

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He has acting, he also has resource, just wish to not be willing just. Apropos is these two plays sought the door, apropos he likes these two parts, promise to go out act. Perform work by right of actual strength part, shaped part image successfully, so he has his moment successfully.

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Arrive again later ” oath is breathed ” , brillant take next flying Apsaras prize optimal hero, proved oneself acting again. With Li Youbin collaboration goes out act ” horizontal sky is born ” , ” brave the journey to the Northeast ” , harvested countless applause. Still have ” oath is lasting ” , ” decisive battle Nanjing ” , ” country door hero ” , ” mediate group ” , ” keep watch justice ” … brillant play path is very wide, no matter be what kind of part, can explain faultlessly.

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Ever somebody has evaluated him so: Fictile of ” brillant place is a country no matter lead or historical character can with masterly and simple and honest deduction strength can get reputably. ” and good besides acting, brillant another respect that likes by everybody, it is moral character. From art half a lifetime, never negative news, it is to never attend commercial activity more.

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Walk along the marriage that passes 52 years hand in hand with the wife, it is to did not pass Guo Fei to hear more, feeling is very good. A pair of children also are his greatest pride, be worth what carry is, son Gao Liang also is a very fine actor. Ever was in always actor of politics word troupe, masterpiece has ” Chinese ground ” , ” horizon have tuft emperor fire ” ” Liu Jiabao’s story ” etc.

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These are encircled in recreation year, gao Liang is recumbent oneself effort, never make father brillant had given help. Also be little famous energy of life nowadays, piece performed theatrical work of much ministry movie and TV, the audience is very satisfactory also to his performance. After all tiger father does not have a dog child, have brillant so outstanding husband and wife, gao Liang cannot lag behind more.

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