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Original title: More dangerous than monster is popular feeling! Cave of die tragicly of horse of 97 years of white dragon, blood be suctioned 10 years, yang Jie tear dies Travel notes is the childhood memory of a lot of people on the west, and every part inside also was accomplished classical. Believe to also have a lot of people white to that Longma is impressive, but the result of this horse is to make a person infinite and regretful however. Show according to the message later, white Long Ma is filming without stannum when inspecting drama, the shadow died very desolately finally, and after it dies, the person that buries repeatedly however is done not have.

20220208025345 6201db39e8539

At that time on the west funds of travel notes play staff is very nervous, the play staff buys a good horse at all without money. Arrive all the time travel notes was patted on the west not little the play staff just found a Bai Ma successfully, but this Bai Ma very thin and small, undertake riding going without method at all.

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Filming Sun Wu is sealed to be for nothing at that time assist when the horse is lukewarm, travel notes play staff returns technical tape on the west the person went together the picture that Huhhot goes to patting true ten thousand horses galloping ahead-going full steam ahead. And Sun Wu’s empty main actor 6 small age child do not meet equestrian, this concentration has a paragraph is the gut that Sun Wu jumps to the horse at a draught for nothing, the soldier of the cavalry group of a place that this one part looks for namely actually comes to those who act to replace.

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In Ma Qun, direct that Bai Ma that Yang Jie also saw he is fixed eyes upon. And this Bai Ma is to having not little history, because it is the charger of 8 classics. So Yang Jie with respect to the cavalry group to place contributive bought this Bai Ma, this Bai Ma follows later the play staff that swims on the west went to a lot of places. Be in actually in drama inside the most painstaking is it, because of filmed a lot of setting it is the condition is very difficult, the environment is very harsh, this Bai Ma not only thing wanting camel, take sport even.

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After travel notes was filming eventually on the west, former pony also had blossommed old horse. And the white Long Ma after be being patted cannot have followed again the play staff went, because buy this white horse at that time,be the money that CCTV gives, so travel notes him play staff also does not have method on the west take away it, can put it in a movie and TV that does not have stannum to film only base.

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Than demons and ghosts most bloodcurdling is popular feeling, local regarded Bai Ma as unexpectedly the tool that make money, taking it all the time when fascia, still let a tourist ride it. When Yang Jie prepares to pat later when travel notes continuation wants to take away Bai Ma on the west, let her feel however very mysterious. Present white Ma Zao has been done not have in those days beautiful beautiful elegant demeanour, because feed is not good at, bai Ma is thin can see character. And live the environment is very bad also, this Bai Ma’s very miserable finally dying, how does the cavalry regimental regimental commander that also does not know to sell this horse in those days know this thing should think again?

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