Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Drama of movie and TV ” full-dress ” leave formally sow! Song Zuer acting is online, take the place of to feel strong! Guide language: Drama of movie and TV ” full-dress ” leave formally sow! Bend force makes musical person Chen Xi, Dong Dongdong, long of Yu Ning of Liu of singer fashionable brother, Wang Su, Liu Xijun, Zheng Jun cultivates bend affection to offer reputation!

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Song Jia, Chen He, Yuan chants appearance, Wang Yaoqing to wait for a main actor. This drama told about fashionable magazine ” full-dress ” in transition when, be faced with chief editor accidentally vacant and a series of stories of generation. Show life of real job field, simple sense club is marvellous, the battle array is very strong also, have bit of thing!

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” full-dress ” in the Li Na that the firm university of Song Zuer personate graduates, in chief editor George’s introduction comes down full-dress interview, be opposite however ” vogue ” she what know nothing about, be troubled by gave many jest…

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The gut that arrives this when, it is to let me look really laughed, experience be performed particularly by our Song Zuer’s little sister true, era joins feeling eager to do well in everything!

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To a such dress had been very reached the designated position, this is a when an undergraduate just graduated actual performance completely, actually a lot of people namely of this appearance

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