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Original title: Drama of another the Republic of China is about to raid, zhang Jing appearance, Niu Junfeng acts the leading role, ceng Li, Lang Yueting is aided blast Zhang Jing appearance, it is floret of discharge of the Xinjin inside the circle, appearance is melting, girl of home of adjacent of temperamental just like. Before paragraph time, she and the drama of the Republic of China that the person such as old Xing Xu, Lin Yanjun acts the leading role ” see admire ” , the heat that caused people on the net is discussed.

20220208025504 6201db88ea4ff

Although everybody the sound spitting groove to this drama, exceeded laudatory sound far, but must say, hei Gong also is red, this drama closes finally inspecting still is very objective. Of course, gut is a this play is the biggest hard injury, those who add manufacture in a rough way take change, overweight filter lens, the groovy point that yields this drama is pulled full.

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Nevertheless, besides this, it is very beautiful that the modelling of the Republic of China in drama returns Zhang Jing gift, many audiences very the modelling that agrees with her, suit to go out very much perform young lady of the Republic of China, recently, she is about to greet welcome theatrical work of a the Republic of China again, ” marvelous Miss D ” . This ” marvelous Miss D ” advocate make the Republic of China, female, suspense, economy, by celebrated director Xia Xiaoyun hold guide, zhang Ji holds the position of chief editor drama, set out from female perspective, eulogize female is in emancipatory career, develop made outstanding contribution to economy.

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The last few years, advocate the work that makes female subject matter is not scarce, but it is setting with the Republic of China, and of historical fact of base oneself upon be in however a few, this drama also is created a beginning. Of course, will look from cast, what this drama uses is the actual strength clique inside the circle, be the win universal praise inside the circle model the performer with extremely strong sex. Zhang Jing appearance is in drama the heroine Ding Yiqing of personate.

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She is green originally acerbity puerile schoolgirl, handle the time of swaying in the midst of a raging storm personally, the heart also is in produce a change ceaselessly, final choice carries a revolutionary banner, grow all the way.

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In this new theatrical work, the appearance of an actor of Zhang Jing appearance as before so good-looking, the cashmere cap of rice white, the makeup look of tie-in and pure and fresh nature, do not apply powdery black to all show beautiful colourful sense however, have the dress of bit of time feeling, different flavour is highlighted on her body. Niu Junfeng is born in Lin Mo of hero of the personate in drama.

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His cherish lofty ideal, bear sturdily, even if body is in in darkness, but he as before purpose is clear bright, persistent the heart of an a newborn baby, forward devotional and sturdy and row.

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The Niu Junfeng of child star one’s previous experience, acting is underestimated all the time, early before, he is in ” secret and great ” in, the small fuzz of personate, from bear black in the course that change, subtle expression is taken hold reach the designated position, play the leading role this alone, caused many people however expect. Lang Yueting is in drama the elder sister Du Ying with dignified and elegant personate.

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She certainly easy, cherish cardinal principles of righteousness, it is the anonymous hero of that time. She is low-key however actual strength not the actress of common, ever was in the film ” call hill ” in personate is dumb female one horn, bear the palm countless. Ceng Li is in new theatrical work personate Dong Gongyu.

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She is courageous and resolute sober, remain faithful and unyielding, outstanding contribution was made in emancipatory career for the female. She goes out old, shaped countless classical screen image, disposition indifferently, do not wish to contend for fame and gain, it is a circle inside quiet exist distinctly again. Besides, this drama is special still invited Hao Ping, Shiyehao 2, of the actor such as Liang Guanhua, Jiao Gang join in, cast can says top class.

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This drama already last year the bottom will kill blueness formally in April, will land love to surprise art in needing the list that sow drama 2022. Surprise by commerce can, set foot on revolutionary road, spill green warm blood, the light with new casting, expect please!

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