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Original title: Miscarriage a review of a play | ” 8090 ” — same a world, same a grandma! Touch when city drama on practical subject matter, always be little not the short one ground chicken feather in the parent, the near future, the teleplay of problem of focusing provide for the aged ” 8090 ” broadcast, cast off the heavy feeling of practical subject matter, pat easily warm. In the popular city drama that paying close attention to the subject matter such as love, education, family, subject matter of provide for the aged is an unexpected winner, ” 8090 ” what basically tell about is Xie Xiaomei (Wu Qian is acted the role of) , cross 3 bright (Bai Jingting is acted the role of) two ” 90 hind ” the youth undertakes, rebuild beadhouse, with the story that produces between a flock of old people of 779 years old.

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“Provide for the aged ” it is topic of the whole people, but before the old person figure in teleplay is almost time a smaller appear with anther leading player. ” 8090 ” in although the main actor also is a youth, but story focusing is on old people body, their disposition each different, identity setting is differ, experienced different life and story, senile life is wonderful also, everyday not at a loose end, do dish to sing, preserve one’s health of card games play chess, motion. With what differ before be, ” 8090 ” the perspective that passes through a youth and senile group have a conversation, distinguishing feature has each in drama ” child of grown-ups and children ” group picture, reality medium senile life is deduced more stereoly. Advance ceaselessly as gut, grow slowly rise ” young adult ” with ” child of grown-ups and children ” between the acting border of poor dissimilation gets along, also collide gradually a cured colour.

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This drama chose grandchildren and grandfather, granddaughter and grandma two groups have representative domestic concern extremely: Cross 3 bright and grandfather to depend on each other, it is the bagman that sells health care to taste; Xie Xiaomei is the granddaughter of Dean Lin, be brought up in beadhouse as a child. The development of the story also accompanies those who let a light person of two 90 the year after next to grow, cross 3 bright from fool old people technically to buy health care to taste, arrive to understand the old person gradually familiar, blend in the life of old people; Xie Xiaomei from feel wronged and act rashly with old person bicker from time to time, to beadhouse rebuilds after be informed a grandma to get liver cancer. This is the process of affection advance gradually that the character concerns, also be young generation develops responsibility and the process that take on on problem of provide for the aged.

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Drama anthology opens piece pointed out the basiccest problem that old people faces: Future, it is human hope, and to sighing for nothing for the old person of the setting sun, where is future? Promote what health care tastes to cross 3 bright to there is sale catchword — ” what is future? Living it is future. ” this ” living it is future ” , to senile group, again true did not pass. Nevertheless, living admittedly important, but how living more crucial, this also is the main topic that this drama discusses.

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” 8090 ” subject matter is very novel, gut is done very easily also laugh, but there is no lack of again a few heavier topics, say from gut, this theatrical work is quite good still, also have life flavor very much, but also have many Bug, gut is cut a bit brokenly, actor’s lines later period also should change a lot of, the mouth that follows an actor often not be opposite on, but final result should not differ this drama to go which, head sow discuss degree also rose a bit! Gut feeling is met from the back very stir, estimation is to laughing to laughing at those who cry to be able to look the sort of!

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