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Original title: ” sharp-shooter ” maintaining be concerned about from A to Z When other with schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, congener model a the film is busy Qi Dazhen look, go up full old scene when, zhang Yi is sought in new piece ” sharp-shooter ” in dare however if simplify sth by cutting out the superfluous, weight lifting is light, accomplished subtration acme.

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Film story is very simple, with the War to Resist Us Aggression and Aid Korea medium ” sniper’s shot cold artillery piece ” motion is setting, class of a snipe in telling about people who volunteer to fight in another country is right battle U.S. Army the story of maniple of an elite snipe. This Zhang Yi is sought complete from microcosmic set out, aim the line of sight a little corner, explaining a when happen in this corner anonymous action is how of start shooting and end, time does not exceed a long time, but the story is told wonderfully, affection is done attractively. Review the creation personal details that Zhang Yi seeks, he pays attention to story sex particularly from beginning to end, ” good-looking ” the position that is put in first step, let an audience can look to go in, look so that understand, just be expression of style of seeing and hearing, theme next. Also because of this, zhang Yi sought work to obtain wider suffer numerous. This ” sharp-shooter ” , giving a person the most immediate impressions is ” good-looking ” . The film uses space of more than 90 minutes, ” sharp-shooter is how fight ” this thing explain became white, warlike cruelty and to battle wonderful, in piece in behave incisively and vividly. Battlefield topological features is sophisticated, even give attention to two or morethings fights bilateral, want fight it is clear to pat, not be a very easy thing, more pat good-lookingly even what is more,the rather that. ” sharp-shooter ” gut closely around ” shine the comrade-in-arms shine to bring back from battlefield ” this one task spreads out, the clue is compact, get sth done without any letup, maintaining be concerned about and nervous sense from A to Z. It is the crack shot that shoot with great accuracy to battle both sides, expose a little be exploded likely by the gun of the other side first, below this kind of form, go all out not only it is courage and insight, it is wisdom more. For this, 5 in monitor Liu civil and military guide below, ceaseless commutation tactics, also paid heavy price. At the beginning 5 plans squelch at the same time enemy firepower, go helping a person at the same time, the firepower that discovers the enemy however is fiercer; Next soldier fat mound tries to carrying an iron plate on the back to be received when protective screen bright, result by enemy get behind, brave sacrifice. Later, 5 tried to shovel earth to entice the enemy to expose the method such as the position again, let him be held out to bright bright propaganda to the enemy at the front line even in this process, still have post of Korea little boy yuan walked into battlefield, and monitor Liu civil and military did not use him, shine with him exchange however light gallant activity, let complete piece a climax is greeted on affection and rhythm. Support is perforative complete piece ” big crisis ” with the one after another ” small crisis ” , film first and last the attention that firmly draws an audience, let them feel anxious for the destiny of 5 soldiers. Movie is last, 5 remain Dayongyi only soldier, this Gu bravery hero and the fiercest enemy spread out ” Chan Bing is right battle tank ” , depend on outstanding resourcefulness and tenacious volition, won final victory, also let audience mood get drain. Model in the character on, ” sharp-shooter ” accomplished see an individual from collective. 5 are a sharp-shooter group picture, those who reflect is they give youth the brave consecratory spirit of the motherland. But in 5 interior, the figure of every soldier is quite fresh also. The monitor of chapter eaves personate, have Yong Youmou, have affection justice, the soldier in the class, have a plenty of his kin, have a plenty of him to take the fellow-townsman of battlefield from native place, have a plenty of him to teach single-handed those who come out is prentice, his since their superior, also bear is worn a responsibility that they bring back the home in safety. The soldier is great always, the gun is hit well, but psychology is flimsier, cry easily, always by monitor example. In witness a comrade-in-arms when each sacrifices, his tear did not stop all the time, but also become firm, the snipe hero that grows finally to be tempered into a steel for. Zhang Yi is sought dare ordinary members of theatrical troupe of reinstate whole new personality, choose the actor figure that give simple and fresh, heroism of people who volunteer to fight in another country the dauntless, spirit that die for own country is deduced especially moving. The depict that the film officerses and men to the other side also is done well, not painstakingly short change or debase adversary, pat them so that mix however our match each other in strength, the heroism that also highlights a people who volunteer to fight in another country so and great. In addition, film still sheds those who show dense to turn over battle colour, the occasion that the soldier sacrifices is very brutal, let a person be cherished more today peaceful hard-earned. (reporter Yuan Yun)

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