Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: ” this killer is not quite sober ” the ticket defeats billion, market of the film that become archives is surprizing

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Economy is chaired, report of Cui Liyong of development network reporter says, according to professional edition of the cat, on Feburary 5 11:39. “This killer is not too quiet ” released on Feburary 1, the first day of airline ticket exceeds 200 million, odd-numbered days airline ticket of 3 days is stabilized in many 200, become a few already listed films to compare the following day. The respect mirrorred the good reputation of the film to form powerful driver. This film is fathered elegant, peng Dawei acts the leading role, xing Wenxun is indicated, ma Li, the comedy such as Wei Xiang acts the leading role. Film film is become by the Kingdom of Wei (Wei Xiang) initiate. He is an accident con, produce an accident, accident ground entered the crisis, with ” persecute ” realize his life – performance male leading role. Wei Cheng does not know he had participated in a true and absurd plot. . . . . . This film is in outside absurd, smile, say dream of angle of a young actor, I am clear finally, want what I hold to me to adore real love only, leading role is the mobile story of myself. Because end song ” Genius Intercourage ” it is same: “The material that the day becomes is having its use, flavour flight need not be in the dream ” , the success of the Kingdom of Wei is the business of a low mood in the film, and it is an inferior affection business very simple. Serving as a fine actor is his only dreams. These parts make Wei Chenggong always is enmeshed in his own heart world, solve the chill of the person all round him without legal principle, they were taken an actor is become on road, be broken till Milan, and Wei Chenggong is in the life. Some things are more important than realizing a dream – unremitting. The core of the film has sufferring numerous kernel is the key that gains good reputation. “This killer is not Pacific Ocean ” it is to pass careful abrade the basically creates a group kernel that invigorates popular feeling with deepness. Inside brief period of time, inside short time, it can be destroyed 100 million. Double results. Wei Xiang is accepting when interviewing, say: “In comedic film, happy a shot in the arm can be finished, resemble a piece of table, acid and agonized, can eat nutrition, comedic bag cannot be lost, can obtain the process of advance gradually only, it can avoid an audience to produce aesthetic exhaustion, laugh from the beginning. “Some netizens say after watch: ” exclusive this year dinkum comedic family is satisfied to old movie, comedic element. Lively full-court, first-hand shake one’s head big screen was revealed in the hand, different really, cannot think of. Wei Xiang hit Wei Cheng fair, become the spirit of this film, in common position, “Successful ” successful, lasted to succeed only. “This is the sentence of tail of a film, also explained triumphal endurance, successful at hand. “Wei Chengmin becomes the protagonist of the film eventually, but in a sense, he becomes him to give birth to the leading role that hit the target. ” the encouragement that this kind of killer invigorates popular feeling through this kind, do not want too quiet drive, to every common person greets, as resonant as the audience. Entrance ticket and public praise are the truest feedback in film job. According to the professional version of current cat, “This killer is not Pacific Ocean ” fare predicts to will exceed 2 billion, the bright-coloured colour that predicts to will become 2022 shadow city.

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