Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: She and Feng Xiaogang ” night not a home to return to ” , “Bestow favor on favour ” be hit to press by Xu Fan for years, today 42 years old nobody are married To just going out in recreational group before long for new personality, what everybody should do most is to precipitate well oneself, work hard hardheadedly, a day that when just have stand out so, if always think the move is opportunistic,take shortcut, that final result also should not be very good. The bit of Shenyang of this female star that for instance we should introduce today is such, 26 years old when, shen Xing has been the compere of much file program, with with age compere photograph is compared is results absolutely full, as long as it is the program that she directs, basically be reputably. What be as Shen Xing inside circle is famous degree taller and taller, she begins moviedom of fight in some places one by one, go out in succession acted a series of the film. She once still followed Xu Zheng before the partner passes, there are many wonderful adversaries to make fun of in film, although one’s previous experience of dispute regular professional training, can presenting the result that come out finally still is quite pretty good. A years that 22 years old, shen Xing is married rich and powerful family, live the life of rich lady of rich and powerful family at the same time, continue at the same time oneself manage an enterprise, came out later regrettablly only a few red are heard, among them a famouser red hears an object is Feng Xiaogang.

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There is media to explode before expect Feng Xiaogang follows a mysterious woman to be together pass the night 8 hours, who is guessing mysterious woman when everybody after all when, unexpectedly somebody explodes expect the true status that gave her is belle compere Shen Xing. Xu Fan is faced later when interviewing, express, “Anyway our home is male, those who be in an unfavorable situation is not us ” , one character arouses 1000 billow, shen Xing’s fame from this suffer a disastrous decline.

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Nowadays Shen Xing already 42 years old, seldom appear in public circumstance, emotional life also does not have assured source from beginning to end, because the pressure that the influence of negative news brings to her is too great before be,estimation is, also do not have below courage open one paragraph of feeling so. Even if shares his life on gregarious platform, not much also person comment, those who look true is to live energy of life completely.

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