Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Autograph of Jun Xi of Cui of Cui true daughter makes an appointment with a company to will go out to ever said not to want to step perform art circle to become an actor 20220208032435 6201e2738b8e8Korea is deceased Cui Junxi of true daughter of female actor Cui Recently, the daughter Cui Junxi with true Cui of late female actor or artist and Ybloom company signed Korea what belong to an agreement. Ybloom company announces to sign the message that make an appointment with with Cui Junxi, express very glad to can cooperate with Cui Junxi, will offer for Cui Junxi henceforth all-around assist, help her realize the dream that becomes an actor. In January 2022, some press announces Korea to be made an appointment with with Cui Junxi autograph, be about to go out with writer identity, to whether wanting to step to perform art circle? She herself expresses ” did not want to become an actor, but have video gain is made in preparation advocate ” . It is reported, have below Ybloom company division plum press the actor such as favour of phenanthrene, Cai Xiuya, Cui Jia.

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