Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Han edition ” the secret that cannot say ” head stage photo exposing to the sun, EXO member show presents as leading role to act the leading role Zhou Jielun writes the secret that guides the film that acts oneself cannot say oneself oneself besides in China very besides fire, in Korea very popular also, korea movie and TV or put together art in often still appear the music of this film. The secret head that Han edition cannot say exposes to the sun stage photo, the member of EXO show is change the motion picture present as leading role to act the leading role, small make up introduce a detail today.

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The secret head that Han edition cannot say exposes to the sun the cannot say secret of edition of stage photo Han is the closest first exposure stage photo, last year second half of the year begins the film to film, but the reason because of epidemic situation, the film arrives all the time this year just killed blueness January. This a stage photo exposing to the sun, also be fry heat for the film ahead of schedule. After company of Korea of it is reported was buying copyright, begin to look for playwrite to undertake was creatinged, although be the secret that turns over the motion picture that takes Zhou Jielun to cannot say, but playwrite still had not little change, was adapted to become the student of musical university e.g. hero. The member that what the secret hero that Han edition cannot say asks is male round EXO is beautiful, although be male round one’s previous experience, but show has been joined a few this years performed many answering to inspect work, actor identity had gotten Korea popular is agreed with. show had won award of Korea film green dragon 2016 actor of the most outstanding new talent award, had been pair of his actual strength approbated. The work of beautiful every time can bring a lot of surprises to everybody, the hope is this in the secret that cannot say, show still shows scene.

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EXO member show presents as leading role to act the leading role the heroine in the secret that Han edition cannot say, namely Gui Guan’s magnesian part, be by Korea actor yuan true of personate. Yuan true before piece the relation that has acted to just love each other, Life, melt please I, elder, do not besmear that supports the work such as lipstick please. Of part of of personate Ceng Kai is Xin Rui favour, gave the Xin Rui grace of the path 2018, also be very the latent capacity that gets everybody to value actress. Hope of this Korea adapt do not make everybody disappointed, can bring the different secret that cannot say to everybody.

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