Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: She is in teleplay ” Dou Ting is good ” inside have one’s moment, it is Jin Dong’s little sister, be like today female complete in both respects Present a lot of star because a teleplay or criterion the film is red, everybody knows most propbably, be in now just the teleplay of big ending is taken a lot of redder person, for instance ” Dou Ting is good ” , this teleplay let us know a lot of newlywed person, this is the glamour of teleplay.

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But what we should say today is not above this, above this in early when already very famous, in those days ” pass outside Wu Lin ” hold Yao Chen in both hands exceedingly redly, what should say today is Jin Dong’s little sister, yes need of a lot of moment is recumbent oneself relation enters recreation to encircle, encircle in recreation slowly development, the star that also has a lot of has kin, for instance the horse thinks of pure He Jiangwen beautiful etc, what we should say today is Gao Lou.

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Respecting Jin Dong, I am certain a lot of people are familiar with him, his teleplay says to basically know entirely, in those days teleplay ” the person that pretend ” , most propbably you are the understanding that comparative, right is him, person energy of life explodes at that time canopy, became the frequenter on screen, from the back Jin Dong’s film contract is ceaseless, asing if a few years that is his form.

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What must say is Jin Dong still not be in recreation the group contended very long just go to this to accomplish, experienced a lot of cross and exercise ability to be able to go to this to accomplish, just also was destined because of these achievement just about he present brilliant, did not give the get one’s own back that how can get wish hard, this is the importance of experience.

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The moral quality that Jin Dong encircles in recreation also deserves bit of support very much, but who knows Jin Dong to there still is a close little sister in recreational group, this close little sister perhaps is before this you are not familiar, but since after attending a teleplay, was familiar with by us, he is this paragraph of time very igneous Gao Lou, although show very few contact teleplay high, but in Yao Chen and Guo Jingfei group, gao Lou was not defeated, be worthy of really is close little sister of Jin Dong. This ability makes Gao Lou prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red. Present Gao Lou is exceedingly low-key, do not have completely very show off and proud appearance, gao Lou’s family also is exceedingly happy, have special the husband that is very fond of oneself, with a pair of children, exceedingly happy really, this is the Gao Lou that lives now, a family, a pair of children, one loves her to be fond of her husband, what still having is better than this?

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The acting that to this you feel tall to show how?

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