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Original title: ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” head sow, explode laugh, of farce, liu billows Chen He this is to go all out On Feburary 7 evening, teleplay ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” in original video platform the line on 4 collect, formal open head sow mode. Many actor such as Ni of this teleplay You Liutao, Chen He, Zhang Jia acts the leading role, those who tell is the comedy that a northeast swims. Be based on the gut content that has broadcasted at present to tell, to this teleplay, should the evaluation of one divides into two. Above all, it is held out really explode laugh, quite good-looking, absorbing. But at the same time, also must admit, this is a farce, it is only tease child service, do not be other service.

20220208034153 6201e681cebd7

Say the one side of farce first. Among this teleplay work, basically all character role structural frame, it is false, was used to rot among teleplay before. Even whole story content, also be to be based on farce premise under. For instance, the share of show of conflict of mother and daughter between Liu billows part and her girl, be typical sodden common content apply again. The conflict on viewpoint of value of this kind of mother and daughter and close, it is really before among teleplay most often use, use afresh ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” in the center, do not talk to go up really new idea.

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Even of old conspicuous personate male advocate, of He Liutao personate female advocate, the Thespian content that two people form, not fresh also. The design of elite of this men and women, also be the investment that is sequel scene countryside serves northeast Xue Yumei. Can say, this teleplay begins from the first stroke of a Chinese character, had been destined happy big ending. And even Yu Nan advocate chase after female advocate come to northeast, on real property, also do not hold water apparently. Among reality, an interior of manager of venture capital investment reports, although divulge a secret, also won’t cause another person be steeringed a boat by opinion firm of such move troops about and stir up the people ” follow ” . Even the maternal part of personate of Mr. Ni Ping, with the young daughter part of personate of Zhang Jia Ni, the share of show of conflict of mother and daughter between two people, it is pair of Liu Tao simply repeat of share of show of conflict of part mother and daughter again. Although Mr. Ni Ping also performance of exert to one’s utmost, but audience people between conflict of this kind of sedulous mother and daughter, it is to search those who be less than what sense of reality apparently. To average viewer, also can wear the purpose of this teleplay soon, everything is in order to tease child be jumping-off place, create those contradictory conflict that come out, mostly out of thin air, for the story do a few obstacles to stop forcibly.

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Above a variety of, all without exception points to this teleplay farce. But, although this is a very uncultured farce story, however a bit does not affect it quite lively, quite explode the essence that laugh. This also is this drama can win partial audience it seems that reputably reason. Explode even fundamental sex in before the current situation of comedic teleplay creation that laughs to cannot be satisfied, ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” what go up through him creation at least is technical method, realized a few audiences people more familiar explode laugh of stalk bear the weight of, and make these packages noisy between teleplay. So, it is interesting at least, good-looking. ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” I am to be being held in the arms ” have a try ” state of mind looks, the plan looked one collect to calculate. Nevertheless, because gut is in still be know the business on the design, can pull a viewer, so, I saw 4 market finally at a heat. To sum up in a word, on story content false, the know the business that can go up with creation technology goes making up for. Among this teleplay, each story line cannot come true true, but because narrative go up can introduction, especially on narrative attune sex can up, is not to be down, so the audience can see joy comes. This kind is happy, can draw an audience.

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Between this teleplay, most put flying ego, it is Chen He as before. This actor seems to be in before among a lot of teleplay, be criticized to do not have acting by the audience. Little imagine, chen He uses the performance means of this kind of sodden common namely, make for drama offerred many laugh to nod content. He is put more between this teleplay fly, accord with the disposition of part character more, do not wear more tone, jump over can more laugh the dot brings an audience. Tell from laugh angle only, chen He is an indispensable actor. And this, liu Tao criterion again female elite of personate duty field. Set to this individual, liu Tao is do something one knows well really. Change character, liu Tao can control only person of this kind of part sets duty field female elite. Once she changed this individual is set, on light show ” let the cat out of the bag ” . ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” go up in the performance, design any difficulty to actors far from, but at the same time, also know when how letting an actor be performed between his comfortable area, instantaneous disintegrate at a draught, come true thereby explode laugh. Create kind because of this kind however instead, I more the gut that expects this teleplay follow-up.

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From can be informed among the 5th collect and the prevue of the 6th collect, although Liu billows part is northeast person, but special however detest a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast. Once female elite of this duty field is in personally among the environment of a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast, of what appearance will be? This is playwrite creates the technical talent among content in sodden common, should put the part in namely a kind ” ” among condition, in an attempt to is nodded mockingly. Even we are OK and bold imagination, let Liu Tao sing a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast, it is the picture of what appearance. ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” create a tenet, appear even if, how to roister, how to come, everything laughs with exploding give priority to. Such teleplay work, we say for farce, had not been. But at the same time, also want to admit its interesting one side of course, comical one side. (civil / Ma Qingyun)

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