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Original title: Li Shimin is in of as round as Wu Zetian room when night, fang Liang drops suddenly, happened later why thing? “Round room becomes Li Shimin and Wu Zetian night, fang Liang drops suddenly ” the clue is not the history, the large TV series that abundants peach acts the leading role however ” Wu Zetian secret history ” the dog blood gut inside. If you want to ask, inside teleplay, because Fang Liang drops, two people later how? Then I can tell you, was to frighten two people to jump greatly. Next, two people still want to continue to do the thing that did not finish, but there is one to augury originally on the side of dropping Fang Liang book, li Shimin breaks up innocently, saw ” after Tang San world, female advocate Wu Huang, era falls one day ” these 12 shocking words. Frontal drop god, the person that has elementary school culture knows, what these 12 words say is Tang Chao after expressing 3 era, can be replaced by the empress of surname a surname. Li Shimin is astonished, he is staring at Wu Zetian’s face closely to look, if be thought of somewhat… need not say, regard TV as playwrite, can fictional give a such small clues, not only person of sweet colourful hold up, still make gave be concerned about, build gave nervous atmosphere, lived with respect to hold tight at a draught the heart of the audience, in letting an audience replace drama the first female advocate was worried full skill! Be brillant! Really brillant! And, next, playwrite is in Wei Feng’s protuberant place again, peak loop turns, move Li Shimin’s look to Wu Zetian’s body from Wu Zetian’s face. Unlined upper garment of garment of fierce criterion day is not whole, clear is pitiful. Xi of Li Shimin Xi laughs, give Wu Zetian face favour. Some other day, li Shimin lets predict wind of Great Master Li Chun unscrambles 12 words prophecy, it is distrustful object lock surely Li Jun of left Wu Wei’s general is admired, will killed disappear calamity.

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The word says, teleplay is teleplay only, credible base is very low. Actually, these teleplay, it what the name that links Wu Zetian calls to be done is not clear that what the name that links Wu Zetian calls to be done, you look, the or in drama is in charge of Wu Zetian to cry ” criterion day ” , ground of extremely rich contemporary breath calls or ” young season ” , let a person how come to an agreement or understanding! Wu Zetian is a surname fierce is right, but ” criterion day ” 2 words, come from at divine dragon the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor (the Christian era 705 years) , wu Zetian is forced after give up the throne, tang Zhongzong gives her to go up ” emperor of extremely big emperor ” honour date. What do likewise is, have theatrical work of some of movie and TV, be like ” legend of woman of fierce fawn on ” and so on, day of Guan Wu criterion cries ” woman of fierce fawn on ” . But ” woman of fierce fawn on ” renown, the popular fiction place that also is and so on of Tang Shi historical novel only is fabricated. What does true name of Wu Zetian call after all? On May 21, 1982, ascend Qu Xihuai of villager of village of river of the king that seal a county to be when fleabane hill amuse oneself, discovered the Jin Jian that era leaves when a Wu Zetian inadvertently, writing above ” big Zhou Guozhu fierce ” the model of written characters of and so on. And ” old Tang Shu ” go up to also write down: “Criterion family name of the fierce after the emperor of Japan, avoid as taboo Bing . ” namely true name of Wu Zetian is ” fierce ” . But, basis ” endowment control a warning ” account, “Fierce ” in ” ” word, it is Yong Changyuan year in November (689 years of) , dong Zongqin’s guest builds river of man of phoenix cabinet serve newly come out to be entered technically give of Wu Zetian. Though at that time Wu Zetian has not weighed the Supreme Being, but this year, she already 65 years old.

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That is to say, “Fierce ” renown, it is Wu Zetian old age uses a name. So, 65 years old of Wu Zetian before, what name to use after all? ” new Tang Shu ” inside have the result: “Criterion family name of fierce of Tian Shunsheng empress avoid as taboo ” . Namely incognito the Wu Zetian before, be called ” fierce ” . Funny is, not only the playwrite of drama of movie and TV does not know, even a few experts are muddled also, they according to county of Hua Zhouhua shade ” hang down arch avoids 2 years fierce family name avoid as taboo say big city ” wait for a character to record, the name of bullshit Wu Zetian cries ” Wu Hua ” . Actually, wu Hua is Wu Zetian’s grandfather, and other places of county of Hua Zhouhua shade is incognito, it is to avoiding of grandpa Wu Zetian avoid as taboo. But experts obstinately stick to a wrong course, if the name that says Wu Zetian does not cry ” Wu Hua ” , cry ” Wu Yuanhua ” , because her elder brother calls Wu Yuanqing, Wu Yuanshuang, have ” yuan ” word, her name also should have ” yuan ” word.

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