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Original title: 21 years old of Cao after taking a picture enclosed ground for growing trees, child 3 years old, still resemble it seems that 18, husband is to celebrate big treasure of one’s remaining years Person energy of life is not the absolute level that measures actor success, achievement just is, to this, the Cao Yuan of 21 years old of titles after taking a picture has right to speak most, cao Yuan, this name, very unfamiliar to a lot of audiences, but senior drama confuses meeting discovery, cao Yuan’s figure once appeared in a lot of popular drama to make in, from ” new love times ” ” fawn ” arrives ” very big a home ” ” of medium beans of ” Tang Dou, cao Yuan Ye is perform the ” of ” old friend inside art circle.

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Lovely and clever, vigour is full, this is the first impression that a lot of audiences enclosed ground for growing trees to Cao, she what be born 87 years this year already 33 years old, had been the mom of 3 years old of children, maintaining Qing Dynasty as before however sweet natural girl feeling, looking still is about of 18 years old, the ” of goddess of ” Tong Yan that ever was sealed to be be worthy of the name by industry, be graduated from the Cao Yuan of Beijing film institute, have acting endowment and intelligence not simply, still accumulated solid strength and experience,

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14 annual expenditure, piece performed teleplay ” classmate, hello ” , 15 annual expenditure performed the film ” father’s sea ” , two work have reward add hold, rise without conflagration inside the circle from beginning to end however, many audiences also weigh Tong Yuan act art career is to leave high it seems that low go, when taking the laurel after next lily award shadows after all, she ability is 21 years old, it is the youngest girl shadow inside the circle hind.

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The work after this is sealed ” beautiful hair ” in, of Cao center personate is what choice takes an examination of in be faced with is medium take an examination of student Ceng Rui, because be in,the case with common high post falls, derivative a series of difference and contradiction, what final Cao Yuan acts is medium examinee chose to abide by a heart, pursuit dream, this work causes pretty good echo for a time because of gifted real significance, piece in what Cao encloseds ground for growing trees is outstanding deducing is to be this work to grace more many.

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The Cao Yuan later is acting art shine brilliantly gradually on road, in classic movie ” short for the Yihe River cheats 6 sisters ” in, cao Yuan is the limitation that overcomes time show to bring more, portrayed the vivid character of a move one to praises and tears for everybody, in this work, the ” of part ” Hei Yan of Cao center personate is 6 sisters in most a of ” misfortune ” , by ride roughshod over by scorn, but as before tenacious and castiron, free-standing self-improvement, what Cao Yuan highlights that gruff interest of girl in one’s heart is extremely vivid.

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Make in popular drama ” big male when marriage ” in, the romantic clue that the He Xuzheng of ” of ” Wu Xiaoliu of Cao center personate performed Li of trailing plants of a ” to love uncle ” , although not be the anybody in drama, do not pass Cao Yuan’s distinctive and exquisite act, also make many audiences right a such clear pure girls leave deep impression, encircled a pink indeed.

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In teleplay ” very big a home ” in, the happy source that the fabaceous ” of ” Tang Dou of Cao center personate became many audiences, must say, cao Yuan is in model girl part respect to be behaved very much give prize, ancient clever choice is odd, lively and innocent, perhaps this also is Cao center oneself is highlighted idiosyncraticly, perhaps be the limitation because of baby face nevertheless, bring about acting masterly Cao Yuan Hulu is too narrow from beginning to end, be in from beginning to end inside the circle so not lukewarm not igneous posture.

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On the career although lack explodes red chance, but the unusual happiness that the Cao Yuan in reality lives, 2015, cao Yuan enters marital hall with marital Dong Kefei, marital Dong Kefei also is an actor, the drama that sows in the closest heat is made ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” in, personate slow-witted bud is foolish ” of angry ” Lin Dabao, bridal that day, chen Pei this the teacher still arrives at the spot to take on chief witness at a wedding ceremony, still the star inside many circles served sweet blessing. To the actor this identity, cao Yuan grasps from beginning to end hold cautious and conscientious, the manner of dependable effort, each part attentive burnish is good, the good actor with so fine hope can by more audience place hep, it is OK to also hope lovely Cao encloseds ground for growing trees forever so happy sweetness goes down.

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