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Original title: He regrets day price goes perform white Long Ma, ever was the same as a play staff the actor is cruel dozen, bittern sells food in street edge nowadays ” on the west travel notes ” be broken up to had been patted countless times, audience people what pay close attention to most is division apprentice of course the actor of a few people picks part, among them the existence feeling of white Long Ma is lowest, because he is big,be then of course much time is appear with equestrian form. But in the most classical 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” in, although the Wang Baizhao of the person that act of white Long Ma makes fun of the portion is little, but remuneration is highest however.

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Wang Baizhao is in piece act ” on the west travel notes ” before had had his moment, the first motion picture that take ” the affection in the pen ” let his become famous overnight achieve instant fame, after this goes out again performed much ministry film, basically be those who play the leading role is male advocate, so to ” on the west travel notes ” in come on the stage nevertheless the white Long Ma of 3 collect does not look a bit.

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But photograph of program series great kindness is invited, wang Baizhao is bad to refuse, considered a lion big mouth, direct ask a price then 1500 yuan method, hope the other side can shrink back from difficulties, the result did not think of the play staff agreed unexpectedly. 1500 yuan of price that although be in,now is utility man actor it seems that, but at that time an actor should take 45 sport, ability takes so much money. ” on the west travel notes ” the actor that is the same as a play staff, for instance 6 small age child show share is heavier than him, remuneration also just a few money one collect.

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About him ” day price ” the thing of remuneration, other actress does not know, direct Yang Jie repeatedly also not know the inside story, have its person additionally because of what talk about remuneration at the outset. Went for years, him Wang Baizhao still responded to this matter in some program, express oneself very regret, should not want so tall remuneration at the outset. What still say oneself patted so much is male advocate play, what can be remembered by everybody finally is however ” white Long Ma ” this costar, and Yang Jie is directed also is him most the person that appreciate.

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Really, be in ” on the west travel notes ” later, though Wang Baizhao also took many sport, but those who do not have which is famous degree can exceed it. Filming later however ” small fish do not have with the flower be short of ” when, because he is the same as group actor Zhang Weijian, Xie Ting sharp edge is cruel hit to serious injury, had caused very big echo.

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The thing exposes to the sun after going out, inside the circle numerous collective of old show bone phonates, make a statement support Wang Baizhao, and he also will piece, the court that thanks two people to be accused, and million of claim for compensation.

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By force of public opinion pressure, zhang Weijian, Xie Ting sharp edge published an apology publicly to state, went to a hospital visitting Wang Baizhao. And court also make a return, think evidence can’t support ” person of injury lending play ” say. This thing also ended up with nothing definite later, but what do not wish to recollect to one paragraph is being become however for Wang Baizhao is painful. He nowadays has come out to take sport rarely, begin to pay close attention to development interest interest, experienced calligraphy of free time practice, consider to collect. Because of the passion to cate, he still opened the store of a teal selling salt, sell in street had bittern food.

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