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Original title: Is men’s clothing handsome and threatening be daughter body however? Explode overnight her red, became the model that the man envies alive Is men’s clothing handsome and threatening be daughter body however? Explode overnight she red, the look that became man envy alive is the closest by Lin Yichen main ancient costume teleplay is being heated up sow, everybody by exclaim of young girl place, but a part was not enclothed by halo place of Lin Yichen however, this person is Xing En. After teleplay broadcasts, xing En’s name mounts hot search for many times, and the theater that combat of the palace after be also falls into enemy hands below small gain of Xing En, countless girls fall into enemy hands the Yan Zhi at her, the illusion is worn marry her.

20220208034254 6201e6be3389b

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Small at the beginning make up still thinking a woman can have many handsome, until small write the picture that saw her, at that time I understand for what so much the person can be her infatuate. She in the photograph is very handsome, tasteful Ti Tang. Originally delicate facial features, add broken broken bingle, and that Dan Xiao, the rhythm that confuses a the dead namely simply. The face is like Guan Yu, having one Gemini Ye Hanxing’s general black eye however, still having tender temperament. That each that goes from the novel namely simply oneself be in all the time airy teenager. Do not say her sexual daughter, a lot of people by foolish foolish was cheated. It is this kind of person that confuses all schoolgirls dead, it is a schoolgirl unexpectedly, it is confirm that word, schoolgirl commander in chief rises to do not have the thing of other man at all.

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As the 90 punishment favour after, height 173, look exceeding Gao Leng, this height also is very tall in the schoolgirl, can saying is clothes haughty manner, no matter what wear special individualize. When Xing En puts on neuter dress, she from inside and outside handsome, send with respect to the spurt that does not have the limit so, it may be said is to confuse all living creatures. In ” small female flower is not abandoned ” in the part of Xing En personate is called Mo Refei, the to her fixed position in teleplay is cheesy childe, xing En explained this part very well, no matter be temperament or appearance, it is him childe simply. She comes on the stage, drew everybody’s look, had built the limelight with male refined and courteous view even.

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As a schoolgirl, appearance male is changed, recumbent still perform male role and became famous, this suffers blame make peace very easily to suffer person jealousy, also be special not easy. Besides Mo Refei this part, xing En returns what cross palace home in the personate in some teleplay to pass person Gong Zi, this also can say one of masterpiece that are her, that part gentle adn cultivated, but a lot of people are drawn to come over by its Yan Zhi, but be convinced by her acting place however later, although not be of one’s previous experience of regular professional training, but acting ability of Xing En is not poor also. In one’s childhood she of indulge teleplay, also be realized oneself dream. Go out two years merely, having oneself distinctive opinion however to acting in a play, this is very god-given.

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Do not know such disguising as a man does everybody like modelling? (picture origin network)

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