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Original title: Perform bad woman to let 4 actress that the person hates, finally a shadow that just is childhood In drama of a movie and TV, have the feminine lead like white lotus, can have the female minor role like villain in drama for certain so, and gut most when beginning, everything is so good, but because love,be and must not, so one pace walks up black the way that change, and this moment is test actor acting when, the part of white lotus is good master, can be black spending such part do not master so easily, fall in the circumstance that does not have any wearing heavy make-up especially, can black the part deductive incisively and vividly that change, the performance gives marrow, to the audience one kind hates the acting that must admire them again again, so I come to everybody today check check what female star is black change mere an eyes can give a person a kind of scared sense.

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She Shiman is at first in screen hep She Shiman when it is to pass ripe cicada of these two parts she, no matter because love to give birth to the Er of hate,be,pure it may not be a bad idea, or the it may not be a bad idea of Zhao Yang’s princess with although Diao Man is capricious true and kind-hearted actually, acting does not have a word to say, deductive is proper, and she what the last few years gives recreation to encircle again, last year very a drama of fire, she gives the empress that act one horn, stand aloof from the worldly affairs is when she is original, but she becomes aware later,get oneself the more cowardly, the more somebody trample she, and because,be her cowardly, the parental crooked that brought about oneself is dead, from now on she walked up black the way that change, beat her rival one by one, addle need not any thick makeup, give the role the lifelike that act, conquered with acting audience. The sense that ooze of Li Qin plum gives authority is small all the time pure and fresh figure, how to also think of to be able to control one day black the part that spend, and those who master is proper still, with respect to a teleplay that broadcasts a few years afore, she gives the Yuan Chun that act one horn, it is to be born in royalty originally, carefree small princess, but because the manners and morals of the time is hot and cold, love became wrong person, lost chaste, because the mother the wife of a prince that the eye looks at him saves him and lose life, walked up from now on black the way that change, so she with respect to the fault everything end arrives on Chu Qiao’s body, think all method to also want Chu Qiao’s lot, the eyes is so marble, an eyes can give aspic completely live the person, must say, acting is very good really.

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She gives Mao Xiaotong the Li Changru that act one horn, she is a Chen Fu’s quite deep woman originally, clever and bright, can Qu Nengshen, she had be toed press by eldest sister Li Changle as a child because of one’s previous experience, be brought up in the environment that depresses in this kind as a child so, always thinking in the heart can one day stand out, use not ended so, arrived because love,later is completely and must not, become especially other and acridity so, acting also is performed gave marrow, let a person look to be able to ‘t help chatter in the heart.

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Yang Xue sees the play of a movie and TV that pass in one’s childhood, come to what cruel audience comes completely namely, and the most hair-raising in this drama be Jiang Yuyan, major in drama person was to be to death in her hand, makeup look does not have the change of a bit after her addle, but however can part deductive such lifelike, when looking at first, it is to wished to kill her really to Jiang Yuyan, but the acting that thinks her now is good really, she in this teleplay is childhood shadow really!

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