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Original title: Has recalled 8 old past master are broken in knight-errant drama, a list of names posted up on the hooligan of Wu Jing personate

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Wu Jing is in of Jiao Enjun edition ” knife of small Li Fei ” in of personate is hooligan, he and Li Xin are joyous it is a pair of good friends, he at that time to save Lin Shiyin medium virulent, brought about him to lose memory so. His gest inside is outstanding still, it is a number gets the ace person that go up. The hooligan of Wu Jing personate, face is beautiful, still be scallion years, return the sense of flesh of part small delicacy it seems that, this part also lets him suffer fully reputably, deductive is very pretty good.

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” peerless double arrogant ” medium flower is not had be short of, be used, let he and small fish brotherly photograph incomplete, invite the palace of the moon advocate do not have poison of the affection that lack solution to the flower, but, use again confuse flower of bewitch of heart old law to not have be short of, let a flower not have in be short of memory, think small fish and core orchid cheated him, what there is hidden between them is secret, the flower is not had be short of after awaking, lost partial memory, think small fish and core orchid is very bad, wanted to kill them. Nevertheless, fall in the help of pity star later, restored memory eventually. Did not lead to the tragedy of brothers photograph incomplete. The flower is not had be short of military accomplishment to be returned inside is very strong, calculate going up is zenithal ace.

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” teenager Zhang Sanfeng ” should be Zhang San mad, after Bao Zaiwu result accomplishs Mr Zhang somewhat, undertake duel with free king, nevertheless, ability is inferior to a person, without method, he is hit into serious injury, bring about Yu blood to be illogical, memory is so devoid. All the day of act as a lunatic, a day 3 mad, so, name Zhang Sanfeng. Nevertheless, finally, came a big changeover, his original creation shadowboxing, defeated free king. Should be the fiercest part in drama, shadowboxing is very fierce existence in a lot of teleplay, zhang Sanfeng is the person that Wu Xuetai fights level more.

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” clever lens legend ” medium Yin Zhong, it is a person that has not dead body, be gens of child family name originally. Because Tong Bo gave him goodness, he also forgot his ambition and desire gradually, set one’s mind at did artisan of a forge iron, but, god seems to joking with him, because sword of the nether world entered demon. Had missed a few flat lives originally, nevertheless, things go contrary to one’s wishes, be involved in a dispute.

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” clever lens legend ” medium childishness, original childishness is talent character, but intelligence is immature, bringing about him also is logy having a place, later is Tong Bo and clever lens made trade, gave him wisdom, just make he becomes both brave and resourceful. He clever later, military accomplishment is very fierce also, he also is ” break recall ” person, because this is drama of black unreal knight-errant, make drama medium let us cannot understand in that way according to common knight-errant drama a bit.

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” clever lens legend ” medium Tong Bo, because he gave childishness wisdom, so, he lost a lot of memory, although restored little later, but, fail to restore completely. The military accomplishment attainment that Tong Bo is inside is very deep. This drama is the conscience in drama of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct makes Xuan Huanwu, no matter be specially good effect or dress prop very pretty good. Bore the weight of our very much memory, be opposite especially Tong Bo’s impression is more deep.

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” chess of demon sword life and death ” medium Yan Cangfeng, be plotted against all right by Ren Qian, dropped cliff, lost memory, be saved by sword hero later, marry with sword hero again that day, encounter Ren Qian to go again, be hurt by him, the head hit the ground, memory restored again, still defeated Ren Qian to go finally. His gest still got taking exercise as a series of his experience, make kongfu further upward. Also be a zenithal ace.

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” wind and cloud 2 ” medium Bu Jingyun, he breaks away from demon to to save Nie Feng, was hit cliff, bring about lost memory, later, by violet coagulate be saved, in get along they produced feeling gradually, knot for husband and wife. Nevertheless, dispute of all corners of the country still broke their two wedding day. Later his be involved in in the contention of unique bilbo, violet coagulate to also die. Finally, he replied to remember. But, in the heart all the time very yearn for those their pure and good times, should be the happiest in his life.

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