Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Ever was TVB fresh pork, go out 2 years to explode red, refus haircut is hidden by snow after, rental nowadays make a living ” day dragon 8 ” was broken up to be patted countless times, and in great majority 80.9 hind in the heart, the most classical want number, of edition of Huang Rihua, Fan Shaohuang, Chen Hao civilian. At that time is viewing rate or public praise without giving thought to cannot surmount, even can calls first of Asian viewing rate drama, became classical medium classical.

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We know this theatrical work, huang Rihua acts the role of peak performing tall, the imply development popular feeling that because its are simple and honest, just,he wears the figure of the cap, and very few somebody knows, huang Rihua once returned personate to cross Xu Zhu.

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And bamboo of empty of Huang Rihua personate still has a story, filming 97 edition ” day dragon 8 ” before, still having a version filmed 1982, huang Rihua is acted the role of at that time those who act is Xu Zhu, but this part is Li Qing hill originally.

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Hill one’s early years is in Li Qing alarm the team has been waited for, turned to become an actor all right later, it is wireless the 9th period art member training class member, with Huang Rihua the corresponding period, after going out, depend on ” man ” , ” Lang Gui is late ” wait for drama to be in little at that time famous energy of life.

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Can filming 82 edition ” day dragon 8 ” when, because Li Qing hill does not wish bamboo of empty of shave bareheaded personate, cause fire finally wireless tall canal, his resources becomes little later.

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Have piece when performing an opportunity, also be the part with a few very bad figure, later as full as wireless agreement, he went inferior inspect development, very acid is the Li Qing that draws a lesson hill shave became smooth the head performed many theatrical work. However he still is done not have finally red rise.

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Finally, the generation plum green hill that approves Neozoic actor as a batch faded out of recreation to encircle directly, the hearsay says he became a taxi driver for the life nowadays, without large fortune but pass very comfortably, very happy also.

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