Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: ” acerbity young woman ” switch on the mobile phone, 40 years old of Yan Tao perform 10 thousand people to confuse, yang Shuo, Sun Yi continent, Wei Daxun ginseng acts 4 days, teleplay ” acerbity young woman ” hold switch on the mobile phone ceremony, one numerous actor dines together, the netizen discovered the form of well-known actress Yan Tao, she still appears on the stage to speak, should hold the position of among them a heroine.

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Song Yi, Yang Shuo, Wei Daxun, Sun Yi continent (next graphs) wait for actor ginseng to act.

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This drama is adapted from Zhu Deyong caricature ” acerbity young woman ” , there are 4 feminine leads inside: Marry old woman of mad, man, 10 thousand people are confused, Ha Mei. This caricature is not first time be adapted, the classical teleplay that broadcasted 2003 ” pink young woman ” , coagulate by Liu Reying, Chen Hao, Zhang Yan, Xue Jia 4 people act the leading role, be TV edition ” acerbity young woman ” .

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Old woman of man of Liu Reying personate, Chen Hao is 10 thousand people are confused, Zhang Yan acts man old woman, Xue Jia to coagulate is Ha Mei… drama anthology broadcasts up to now already 16 years, but the audience is impressive still to their show.

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Today (5 days) , ” acerbity young woman ” the message that switch on the mobile phone is made public formally, announced peach of two actress abundant, Song Yi, two people are 10 thousand people are confused respectively with marry mad.

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“10 thousand people are confused ” the classical part that is Chen Hao, the audience drew two people equal-sign almost, 10 thousand people are confused is Chen Hao. This, yan Tao should challenge Chen Hao this classical part, have difficulty!

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Yan Tao and Chen Hao are great beauty, personate ” 10 thousand people are confused ” without the obstacle, nevertheless two people are 40 years old, chen Hao is the role that performs 16 years ago, yan Tao is in however not of be puzzled year will become ” 10 thousand people are confused ” , estimation audience can feel her age slants big.

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What the Song Yi that has his moment in recent years challenges is Liu Reying ” marry mad ” , her acting is online, reckon the question is not big.

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Old woman of additionally two personate men follows Ha Mei’s actor and did not make public, from switch on the mobile phone of the ceremony close attend come, it is two actors still do not became famous likely, so some more low-key.

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