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Original title: Drama of Liu billows a dark horse too firm! Sow 4 collect to be judged without difference almost, public praise blast, or into king of love comedy drama Probably many audiences still are enmeshed in ” germinant ” in the loop cannot extricate oneself, of noonday sunshine this opens year of playlet to let a person shine at the moment, no matter be the innovation of subject matter, the wonderful performance of young still actor compares Jing to admire. What just let a person did not think of is, it is friendship went the Liu Tao that act to become the chamfer with whole department the biggest play to nod actually only, her expression and modelling aroused not little controversy, make fun of after all nevertheless the portion is much not righter gut does not have too big impact.

20220208034609 6201e7818d39e

The new theatrical work that this time Liu Tao acts the leading role ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” on line, the great mass fervor that shows film file still has been done not have, the propagandist strength of this drama and cast also are done not have too too driving, add much ” lay a worker ” already start working, did not think of it goes up the line rises a list of names posted up to violent wind continuously actually the first.

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Still remember ” holiday warm complacently ” the first heat is not small, but public praise polarization is serious, calculate keep up appearance of morning having Yao, fabaceous valve grading also wanders 6 minutes in passing line brim only. The 2nd sowed 4 collect public praise only with respect to scamper, comment on an area to be judged without difference almost actually, 5 stars 4 stars full screen waves, everybody states year of flavour is too thick in succession, the Liu Tao after inspecting is different, according to this impetus progress continues, drama of this a dark horse did not allow to be able to become year of love comedy ” drama king ” !

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City edition ” northeast family ” , see Cheng Jiasan’s daughter how laugh at pair of life ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” although carried on,big IP is an alone story however, director Yao Xiaofeng ever had been created ” v/arc true man ” , ” amative gentleman ” , ” pa of tiger Mom cat ” wait for popular love comedy. So this new theatrical work as string of 1000 cash as before bear his style, told about Home Cheng 3 daughters how photograph of a strange combination of circumstances gets together in the civilian constellation in native place, be dispelled past grudge harvests final family severally the story of happy life.

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Spring Festival upsurge has not passed, ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” go up of the line is moment, the family sits together to chase after this beaming work to did not suit to pass again, and joined among them many popular northeast element. Northeast person looked understanding to laugh, although the style is a little unusual and coxcombical,laugh at the rock that get a person however, the audience that is not northeast area will be more curious, powerful terrain distinguishing feature lets a person remain fresh in one’s memory, have edition of a kind of city quite ” northeast family ” flavour.

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In lively atmosphere, gut returns be mingled with many actual elements, the daughter that can see development is different is worn in experience the life of one ground chicken feather. The Cheng Man of Liu billows personate is Shanghai banking group famous wind casts tall canal, the unboiled water that get wind is mixed to rise on the career, emotional life is not great however, had divorced to have a daughter, good not easy and off, be distorted by daughter do sth without authorization however airline ticket, act against one’s will she set foot on the journey that returns old home.

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What beans of Cheng of 2 younger sister opened to already the design feels is high-grade civilian constellation, however she already compensate gets De Chaotian, the salary that joins staff still has charge of electricity to be assumed do not rise, can will collect old beloved red wine to serve as guaranty. So old of civilian constellation manage not considerable also, the manner of family is differ, the profit that how changes the current situation to increase civilian constellation can be a big question.

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The problem that Cheng of little younger sister vasts more let poll ache, it is a carefree green girl originally, but big the student of 3, still continue to do not make a mother sad oneself beautiful slippery road, but but the age is not small, the technology makes success very hard also. Across mother cries again the day calls the ground to tell her father is like off the rails, 2 people of parents coming home are cat-and-dog, it is a misunderstanding only so, ke Chengmiao not know the inside story, be troubled by will be troubled by went be being lost instead be about to in one’s hand working opportunity.

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Each paragraphs of life is impossible plain sailing, home of the home in reality has the classics that reads aloud hard, but can not abandon at this point. ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” use namely do the clue that laugh to bring an audience relaxed with warmth, let us be celebrated together new the arrival of round of spring.

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“Prevent bureau ” suddenly change one’s identity becomes tall valve, this pair of CP have old conspicuous Liu Tao the part of female strong person that dot surprise must say to Liu Tao still suits duty field elite really, ” happy eulogy ” medium Andy, ” I am to love you really ” medium Xiao Yan, still have ” stars sea ” the brief love in is waited a moment, sheet sees character Liu Tao or be not what often stick a face.

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Although ” begin medical check ” the impression that left profundity to the netizen, but ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” medium Cheng Man comes on the stage, audience instant was enchanted, if concealed is like showing big wave to become golden below lamplight, proper makeup facial expression adds red lip, simply beautiful Sa.

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Letting what the person did not think of is Liu Tao and Chen He group CP it doesn’t matter is violated and feel actually, chen He lets person dream answer in the Kong Lingqi of the personate in drama ” Ceng Xiaoxian ” , still have the feeling of the cheap that nod cheap, much nevertheless a few minutes of maturity and duty field breath.

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Two people lose by force, the Cheng Man of strong Gao Leng and took the Kong Lingqi attrition that laughs at a dot to give different scintilla oneself, postscript hill ford was experienced one time ” northeast adventure is written down ” hind, how is the contradictory meeting between them dissolved have a hotspot very much.

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With the first photograph comparing, ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” love line is more natural, and each pairs of lot that have countless ties, oneself life way is found in mirth sound, also can bring an audience different joy probably. [avoid duty statement] if involve work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this station inside 30 days please, we will be in delete content for a short while!

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