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Original title: 2 collect violent wind promotes talent a list of names posted up the first, liu Tao your audience enters pit successfully, love comedy has the ceiling again A few this years platform develops li of each large network video flourishingly, can have controlled adroitly manufacture this one part, love to surprise among them art it is good to brought many abstaining to everybody again in a new year drama. Light is drama of the Republic of China Ren Jialun and Li Qin act the leading role ” ask gentleman ” , two big tall Yan Zhi’s actors deduce Ares and female stockaded village advocate the love story of flounder chiliad, it may be said is to comparative suck eyeball.

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Still having is main actor of partner of the Chun Xia after Li Xianhe shadow ” if see first,life is like ” , it is leading role acting not only online, at the same time also Zhu Yawen of bone of actual strength play joins in, this battle array is already enough doughty, look also hopeful becomes a dark horse.

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Though big play of two the Republic of China has not decide archives, dan Aiji art took the lead in throwing away a light comedy ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” come foil festival atmosphere, this drama just sows 2 collect to be pressed with respect to force ” between the world ” , take next violent wind to raise position of first of a list of names posted up, does middleaged love comedy have the ceiling again?

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Easy solution approachs spend joyfully time, district amorous feelings spills over screen ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” after the life contrail that 3 girls that those who tell about is Home Cheng differ in experience, meet again of accident northeastern native place, those who spread out a paragraph to be between tears and smiles is recreational and itinerary.

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This drama decided look lock northeast, spread out all sorts of fun with this, already achieved the result of light comedy, your audience feeling is mixed easily cheerful. Rife northeast element was added in drama so, in order to reinforce district feeling, e.g. the northeast accent of everybody and dialect, the cotton-padded jacket coat of massiness and the farmhouse small courtyard with white pure white snow are full of grumous district amorous feelings, the instant brings the audience among them.

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Gut respect is dedicated at nature rich life breath, although content of prologue duty field occupies Bibuduo, it is the Cheng Shushen that gave personate of Zhang Jia Ni camera lens at top speed almost go up. The civilian constellation that Cheng beans manages because guest flow is thin be short of having beening faced with the menace that close down, you employee surrounds Du Chengshu to want wage, all sorts of hubbub are incessant Yu Er, of the boss break down degree should be not belonged to during the Spring Festival by 7 great aunt 8 mother’s eldest sister are urged of marriage you.

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Back-to-back move is in language combat, employee wants wage hard as before, broke Cheng Shuzhen into pieces not carefully however to hide long already red wine, so that break down its,cry greatly, the father of Ni bright red personate slowly come on stage, taking whippy threaten to want to revenge for the daughter.

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This a series of operation, generalize with simple term for namely ” lively ” , do not have the meaning of deeper administrative levels probably, but perfect the bagatelle trifles is meticulous change, the essence of the life is deduced in the hen has flown away and the eggs in the coop are broken.

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And there also are a few droll laugh to nod in drama, resembling is Cheng beans nots hesitate for repay a debt with pay a debt in kind or by labour of family property accumulated over a long time,

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Between boss and employee get along mode is relaxed all the more, ” central heating still burns firewood, do not know still think we this is crematory ” essence of life is taken definitely hold laugh at a dot, a lot of and concentrated the effect that laughs at a dot to achieve understanding to press, your audience enters pit successfully.

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Build up Ga of a lot of solid muscularity, liu billows acting too Jing is colourful ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” the choice respect in the actor is explicit really, female advocate those who choose is the countryman spends extremely tall Liu Tao. Though these a few years of Li Liutao comparative to direct seeding career,have deep love for, but also do not have act art the career falls, liu Tao acted the leading role 2021 ” stars sea ” greet explode greatly, recumbent in drama ” bright article female advocate ” the person sets rich a big good impression.

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And this Liu Tao appears with the figure of female tall canal again, “High Leng Yan ” the appearance of an actor, liu Tao rectifies gas field Tibet of the individual not to hide, in by the daughter ” cheat ” expression is earnest after boarding a plane, there are a few brisk moves between expression, bearing is quite online, establish the character easily.

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Think Liu Tao will be arrogant formerly after all, but in sequel premonitory in, liu Tao is worn army the coat sits in open sail 3 rounds in, the hair is blown extremely pell-mell in wind, open even the eye hard in wind snow. When be informed ahead to want, have more in the eyes but with astonishment, such contrast feeling acting also is to accompany move of particular happy event.

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And advanced a few concentration, show share slants much Zhang Jia Ni, accomplished as far as possible ” put ” , with all sorts of relatively exaggerated expression apply colours to a drawing is comedic atmosphere, but the sense that can not give play to the person, perform properly.

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And Ni Dagong is cast off in drama ” broken bits dad ” set, become good father seriously, it is seasoned old show bone after all, basically do not look to give performance mark, the mood reveals nature, with Zhang Jia father daughter of Ni Jian interacts also is to be provided quite laugh at a dot.

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Male advocate such comedy also is old He Yan actually wait for was in ” comfortable circle ” in, although can not show the outbreak of acting to make fun of particularly, but also be ground of feel just like a fish in water uses all sorts of doing to blame expression, bring everybody belly laugh.

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Besides, there still is Ni Ping in drama, poplar the actual strength actor such as , Jiang Chao, Zhang Tianyang is aided blast, make fun of with Tai Biao too Jing is colourful, powerful powerful combination is modelled gave such high grade work.

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Altogether, ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” mix with warmth do laugh at the key that it is side, reached fascinating level in order to lay the scenario of activation, was to build up more the actor with a lot of preeminent actual strength, bring an audience outstanding visual sumptuous dinner, can say to want this drama to hold at present dominant position only, it is to greet what explode greatly likely.

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