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Original title: From ” the woman should marry a person ” to ” old boudoir is sweet ” explore ” hot drama production machine ” discharge password of Qiao Liang The city affection drama that by old show bone Wang Fu Li, Pan Hong, Song Xiaoying, Xu Di, Wu Mian acts the leading role ” old boudoir is sweet ” on Feburary 3, 2022 (at the beginning of good year of the traditional Chinese calendar 3) land time of gold of CCTV teleplay channel, sow beginning public praise, close inspect double bumper harvest, the attention that causes an audience not only and heat are discussed, and viewing rate also double network of Rong Dengquan nation the first, it may be said is the heat of one hundred percent sows drama during this Spring Festival.

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” old boudoir is sweet ” heat is sowed and heat is discussed, also pushed Qiao Liang of this play director the audience before. Qiao Liang is professor of department of director of Beijing film institute, more an excellent work is ceaseless, reap reward of multinomial home international gold director. Before a lot of work of hot screen, include new edition ” what to take to save you, my sweetheart ” ” the woman should marry a person ” ” new come husband ” ” film of Gu Cheng spy ” ” loved to come loose ” ” the 5th empty cartridge case ” etc, all out his hand. Look nowadays, tall bridge director is one hundred percent really ” hot drama production machine ” .

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End on Feburary 7, ” old boudoir is sweet ” had broadcasted in CCTV teleplay channel to dozenth collect. What this drama tells about is 5 disposition the old aunt of each different, because ” healthy lecture ” and get acquainted with, in it is boudoir honey with the knot after cheater argue, face all sorts of test of the life jointly, comprehend the story of life true meaning gradually. Well-known, old people is teleplay receives one of inspected brunt crowds in, but the work that the old people in be only makes is little however little, and ” old boudoir is sweet ” it is to be able to say to go up really close genuine ” welfare ” type an excellent work:

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One of, the old people in this drama focusing lays vivid square respect range, it is basic necessities of life not just, also include how to have normal society with relatives and friends and society, and how the loneliness of untangle heart or angst. 5 old aunts in drama, nature identity each are not identical, from them individual reach a range by the dot, more the family that lets us see every aunt backside and human relations in society, this is an aunt not just people the life appears, it is an epitome of the urbanism below new era setting more. To the audience, in pursueing drama course very easily, gains is very strong in all heart and generation join sentiment feeling.

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Secondly, the meticulous observation that this drama is having pair of societies and appear. ” old boudoir is sweet ” will senile people is in daily life can the setting of bring into contact with, give in drama ” answer quarter ” . For instance the square dance of old people, take a picture the aunt’s park, and all sorts of health care taste bilk, phone bilk, date predicament of trap, to apply for a job, can abound the horizon of the audience not only, and also ground of exert a subtle influence on tells an audience through gut, encounter these situations, how should be faced and deal with. Especially this drama leaves piece taste sale to meet with respect to that health care of impetus huge, believe to also can let a lot of in senile audience from now on much portion is vigilant, little be decieved. Similar vigilant reach dissuasive meaning, there still is a lot of in drama.

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Thirdly, what this drama is having height to real life is wraparound machine with art. ” old boudoir is sweet ” the story originates the life, prep above lives, content has everybody oneself individual character, but on their body, it is worth while to having again eulogize to be nodded with the life glitter that applause. If say, before two just face at a director talk, it is the basic skill that produces the level, so the concise in work and sublimate part, criterion more it is director Qiao Liang the skill when burnish work and craftsmanship place.

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Answer Wang Qiaoliang to direct all the time the creation since, the work that sees him not hard is done not have built on stilts and windy, all stories and figure are clingy and actual, explode greatly in those days for example that ” the woman should marry a person ” , what what tell about is a single close mother be in for ” love ” and marry and be ” the life ” and marry between indecisive story. This sees the life difficult position that be like is a person, but in broader view, such such story, character, can be found everywhere beside our. ” old boudoir is sweet ” likewise such, where is the old people in a few there are? Especially oneself familiar relatives and friends people, it is parental generation even.

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Although an excellent work of tall bridge director is ceaseless, but the work that place of the everybody between greater part time-sharing is hep is him, he himself is quite modest low-key. The special report of a few media with his not much amount to, tai Feng allowing a surname is impressive. Remember hold guided that behead obtains Muscovite international film festival of optimal film award ” on Yuan ” later, he ever expressed, it is to be in ” the cruelty that uses tender resistance reality ” , will produce this straight range environmental protection and economic progress are real ” conflict ” work. After that in another special interview, qiao Liang expresses, meeting ” the sensation that seeks the life in creation ” , make a person impressive. Or this is the experience that he is producing the level talk, also be he serves as ” hot drama production machine ” discharge password place.

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As a whole, tall bridge director is one is good at observation and discovery, essence of life at expression and the outstanding director that show. In the meantime, on the skill of creation, his work is great knaggy achieve is lively, the story is fluent, the character is full, be in especially ” old boudoir is sweet ” in, still have the happy setting that a lot of understanding letting a person laugh at. Can accomplish these, it is the person that come from creation undoubtedly to this times most sacred fire. Hope ” old boudoir is sweet ” heat up continuously sow, achieve beautiful performance again, more expect tall bridge director can have more good work to bring everybody in the future.

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