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Original title: 4 had performed the female star of princess, bud of bridge clean clumsy, zhangtian loves bully energy of life, only she is the purest In drama of present movie and TV, sweet the teleplay of cruel is more welcome, and the hero in drama, gao Yan is worth high intelligence quotient of tall affection business, it is the object of the adore in myriad girl heart, all people are respected to his Dou Gonggong those who respect, some people return retreat to avoid a conflict even, but be female advocate dare breathe out greatly to him however small cry, and as it happens is opposite this the woman of his speak rudely, it is the wife that he must marry, and father of celiac black king is when these are very much, so sly pretty is capricious female advocate be princess, so we come today the female heavenly body that check check should cross princess, a what kind of scintilla can they brush with father of celiac black king?

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This drama is one wears Shaoxing opera, but pass through thoroughly, there are two consciousnesses in the individual’s body, ancient clever essence blames the Qu Xiaotan that has passed through to go, lovely clumsy bud, appearance is melting, often can be at a loss what father of celiac black king rectifies, newly-married makes a practical joke in the evening, later slowly she is pure and lovely, moved celiac black king as form of a address for an official or rich man, in imperceptible in fell in love with her, black king father became final abdomen to bestow favor on wife mad demon, even if be the tiny spot that wants the sky, mo Liancheng also meets what idea tries to be picked to Qu Xiaotan, see this drama let broad girl believe love again again later.

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Lin Yichen this sound is appearance melting, provoking fondly, adding a summit of Yan Zhi summit that she is when performing this theatrical work, all over the face collagen albumen, still have fertilizer of a bit baby, she is in this drama deductive is very good, already clever and bright, do not break again lovely, although expensive for princess, but it is so innocent as before, and what although have a lot of,in drama she follows the love of orchid hill king is labyrinthian, a lot of misunderstanding, but not bad and final unlock, happy word goes in together.

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This drama also is one wears Shaoxing opera, this wears Shaoxing opera to be able to be most do a theatrical work that laugh, it is a man that reachs now passes through ancient time on the body of a woman, happened next a series of the thing that find both funny and annoying, it may be said of this prince the wife of a prince is history go up most the prince the wife of a prince of bully gas, she is having the independent thought of modern, work with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, what says, because this also got of prince favorite, his mind disturbed to her even, she at ordinary times hate evil as much as one hates an enemy, won’t very of grievance become a young woman, be very the princess of bully gas, zhangtian loves an incisively and vividly of this part deductive.

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As new a broadcasted drama, the grading that had 7.4 already very pretty good, this drama can be sweet really of cruel, male advocate love too too extreme, for female advocate bind beside, not hesitate injure the person beside her, peng Xiaoran is in drama of personate is 9 princesses, to conserve small Ran mixed an a group of things with common features Peng to be married in person the emperor of Central Plains child Li Cheng Yin, in drama Li Cheng Yin follows love dispute of Peng Xiaoran, the first time when loving each other, thinking formerly is true love, can be good view do not go up, the mother of the at hand Jiang Xiaofeng of Li Cheng Yin a group of things with common features use up number to kill light, small maple cannot accept this fact, jumped down to forget so plain, and Li Cheng Yin also for company she jumped together, but, the destiny binds them together again, the dispute love hate between them did not end as before, and Li Cheng Yin eventually will by small maple fancy-free move, this 9 princesses, pure and lovely, should have only delicious OK, she is right male and female thing does not understand completely, still get even the kiss hand of handgrip of Li Cheng Yin religion, peng Xiaoran performs this role lived, what the detail of each respect masters is first-rate, the accord that got an audience reputably.

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