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Original title: Prop division is sentenced to affect new coronal outside TVB, in a state of anxiety of TV city will of people, li Yaoxiang just meets return harbor to enter group Hong Kong TVB, can saying is the model worker in TV industry, no matter be,the behind the curtain still is before the stage, staff member special go all out, spend the New Year greatly, each play staffs also as usual works. However harbor intermediary reported recently, play staff ” concealed door ” outside sentence staff member diagnose to affect new coronal, TV city temporarily popular feeling in a state of anxiety. This employee is in charge of prop job in the play staff, often go out, also the prop with major deal with. So although the actor was not mixed this prop division is osculant, but pass very likely ” prop ” with her medical contacts.

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The actor of TVB defends consciousness is very tall, when how takes theatrical work, cannot adorn the epidemic situation of guaze mask Hong Kong comparatives during this Spring Festival austere, and the actors of TVB also raised ego to defend in succession consciousness, filming vista when, in blame film time, it is to adorn good guaze mask. When filming nevertheless, do not have method really, impossible Dai Kou overspreads a lens, in that time, do not have any defending. There is staff member infection nowadays, actors everybody highs oneself, also be normal human feelings.

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The member that TVB arranges everybody undertakes nucleic acid detects, and if epidemic situation spreads inside TV city,suspensive exterior films, it is unimaginable that consequence can say. Epidemic situation has caused very big effect to industry of Hong Kong TV, if virus disturbed whole TV city run, will describe with annihilative blow had not been. For this, TVB high level also is to take seriously very much, held urgent meeting, besides arrangement complete member do nucleic acid to detect, still suspend a few needless exterior filming. Such doing perhaps can delay manufacturing plan, but also be helpless lift, safety or the first.

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Everybody’s very familiar Li Yaoxiang is paid close attention to Li Yaoxiang returns harbor to take theatrical work recently, just just enter allegedly group. To Li Yaoxiang everybody is not Changshu all, and he has settled inside, before returning harbor, pat drama inside to make money, still make a sightseeing tour with wife, easygoing. Did not think of to just return Hong Kong, just just entered group, encountered a staff member to affect event, have bit of vexed really. Nevertheless Li Yaoxiang uses common heart look upon, state oneself can make good preventive measure.

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With Li Yaoxiang contrary, wang Zula is ” go ” seasonable Li Yaoxiang returns harbor to take sport, and Wang Zula as it happens is bringing a few performers communication is made on north, king ancestor is so blue wait for a few to be had escaped to rob, jing is not had danger. Wang Zula is taking north of a few actors to go up besides communication, still can have collaboration allegedly, it is an an army suddenly appearing from nowhere of TVB. Nevertheless in the bookshops explodes later makings, wang Zula this go outing goes, it is actually ” leave ” , because have an opinion to some high level of TVB,be. The word says to be celebrated to the stage of TVB after inspecting, wang Zula feels Zhong Jiaxin just should win a prize most, so allegedly at that time he everywhere the high level of go canvassing TVB, be rejected regrettablly.

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For this matter he has a place rusty, just had the communication group nowadays to say. Do not know TVB is carried not afraid, wang Zula is taking them, may not can come back. Return to the subject, this communication group can say Wang Zula was to sheer a trouble accidentally, he returns a do the honours of in Shanghai, please other a few Hong Kong actors eat genuine Shanghai to help dish originally. Do not cross respecting this most fear, affirmation or ” concealed door ” the actor of the play staff.

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” concealed door ” play staff actor most the staff member that fears to have an accident is prop division, say on a certain angle so, every actor and she has medical contacts, want to say not to fear, that is false. And the virus after mutation is preclinical long, for many times negative turns positive case is too much. Also visited relevant actor to this harbor intermediary. Main actor Chen Zhanpeng did nucleic acid to detect for a short while. Chen Zhanpeng is actually ferial li of special attention defend, the daughter in the home is young still, and as the actor he must go out the job, can do everyday so detect, be ready for any eventuality. Encounter such trouble, chen Zhanpeng also expresses, the heart has fear really, but answer actively also.

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Additional in the battle array of this drama, still saw Shang Luowen’s name, and Shang Luowen’s red hears male friend is Ma Guoming, so everybody runs naturally to interview Ma Guoming. Ma Guoming hit official jargon, express to believe the arrangement of the company, also be subject to with all one’s strength to the decision-making arrangement of the company and support.

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” concealed door ” the teleplay that is subject matter of an insurance investigation, the old show bone such as be in harmony of Lu Zhenshun, Wu Dai joins in respecting this ” concealed door ” play staff, cast or perfectly. The main actor is the Huang Zhiwen after Chen Zhanpeng, old horse is inspected, additionally still be in harmony of of Shang Luowen, Liu Pei, Wu Dai, Lu Zhenshun waits join in. This drama altogether 25 collect, film periodic 3 months, switch on the mobile phone in November, had been close to at present film end. What this drama tells about is insurance and punishment detect subject matter, concealed door is an analogy, figurative everything has a door that cannot see, the issue is very complex perhaps, but find that door, can let problem be readily solved. This is a feature film that concerns with insurance investigation, what this kind of subject matter became Hong Kong teleplay recently is popular.

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Alarm bandit piece everybody looks enough, insurance investigation brings the subject matter that new move should say harbor drama is the most absorbing, or alarm bandit piece, but patted so old, of all sorts of true subject matter alarm bandit piece be patted almost, let an audience very hard find new move again. And the creation team of TVB still has head very much, found a kind of novel theme very quickly ” insurance investigation ” . The advantage of this kind of story is, what retained punishment detect share on one hand is fascinating, be sure to be mixed actually on one hand additionally the life of Hong Kong person more press close to. For instance before a teleplay that Miao Qiaowei, Huang Zongze acts the leading role ” the insurance of Palladium is investigated ” the typical delegate that is this kind of subject matter.

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“Cheat protect ” the popular feeling of backside, it is the grand opera of this kind of subject matter. And ” concealed door ” the story is germinant, also be doubt is like cheat defend a case, the wife has a secret, after be being discovered by the husband, marital accident dies, and before death, increased to keep the specified number fitly again. However everything just figures, what is the truth, return layer upon layerly pare. Although a lot of people say harbor drama is dead already, nevertheless compared with Hong Kong film, hong Kong teleplay appears to still hope a bit, having some of theme after all is them really special those who be good at. For instance insurance investigates this kind of subject matter, outback big probability is to be patted so that do not have so professional, to civilian common people of inland, commercial insurance is a bit new still.

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Epilogue has play staff staff member to affect new coronal to this TVB, hope conquer of their solidarity of one mind is difficult. Many audiences return the fascia harbor drama that waiting for TVB, hope everybody is installed flatly. Say a word outside the problem, do you like to see the harbor play of TVB? The welcome chats together in comment area.

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