Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Because take off the Xu Zhisheng that buccal beautiful fire rises, let me remember ” roam about the earth ” hold guide Guo Fan Because peaceful Xu Zhisheng of aid of the closest Shandong took off buccal show fire to rise, when be interviewed to him, his respecting should write home town benefit into the show that take off a mouth rather, let more people know aid peace, on understanding short of Wenshui River, it is a fire the person that also does not forget native place. This let me remember ” roam about the earth ” hold guide Guo Fan.

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Guo Fan is born in Shandong to visit aid peaceful town hospital of the first people, on Feburary 5, 2019 hold the science fiction film that guide ” roam about the earth ” show, to appearing impression is the most greatly at that time for us for many times in the film namely ” aid is peaceful ” , appeared in cinema screen that day ” aid is peaceful ” when full-court cheers, everybody shakes to direct Guo Fan, did not think of our aid coulds there be to still have the person that has actual strength so! Camera lens also is to give sufficient, and very marked, because director Guo Fan is local born and bred Shandong aid,could there be person, seeing a heart is true pride is mixed excited.

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Tell the truth not to love oneself native place without the person, although occasionally ourselves also can say how aid drips rather, but go out outer, encounter the word that foreigner says we are bad, heart or very defy, have must break well pull break pulled feeling.

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